Scary Pump Cracks

Hi All~
I just put a call in to my Medtronic rep and am feeling scared. Yesterday I saw a big air bubble thru my pump reservoir "window". I was bummed to have to toss the newly inserted infusion set, but thought it was best. While inserting the new one I took meticulous care to make sure there were no bubbles visible.
A few minutes ago I found myself gazing thru the "window" again looking for bubbles. I thought I saw one, which was probably my imagination, but then what I DID see shocked me. I have hairline cracks angling out from the four corners of the pump reservoir "window"! I realize this is not the reservoir itself, but I'm scared on several levels... not the least of which is that I don't want to go back to MDI if advised by Medtronic. I did not drop the pump, nor am I aware of it taking any bangs or abuse. The pump has no other marks on it. Has anyone else experienced cracks from the corners of the "window"?
I am getting insulin delivery. Help!

If you are still under warranty, I would call them and get a replacement. As long as you are getting delivery, I personally would continue using my pump. If you would accidentally drop the pump in water, it would not likely withstand the sinking with the micro cracks.

I called Medtronic with a question about their CGM. The person I was speaking with asked about my pump. I told her how happy I have been and mentioned that several months earlier I had scratched the front of the display on a rock. Although I had never considered it a problem, the rep was concerned and she insisted that they replace my pump at no charge. I had a new pump in less than 24 hours, although my previous pump seemed to be working fine.

I had a hairline crack on the corner of the res window of my 522 forever...never caused a problem. I think it happens more than we know, but like Jennifer said, the pump still works. Do call MM and let us know what they say. As for the bubble, I sometimes get a bubble and I just prime it out at the disconnect once it gets along. I do a bubble check on my res and line every day and have for years.

I have had hairline cracks appear in the window, and also from one corner of the display, in 2 Minimed pumps so far, and not from dropping it -- I think it's just a weak spot of the casing. (BTW I'd love it if they came out with a titanium casing that wouldn't crack!) Anyway, in both cases Medtronic Customer Service was more than happy to overnight me replacement, since cracks make the internal electronics vulnerable to moisture. I just had to mail the cracked one back, and they even provided the prepaid packaging to do so. Since I was under warranty in both cases, it was no cost to replace.

Remember -- you are THEIR customer, and it's totally not out of line to request that they supply you with equipment that works, especially if you paid some $$ out of pocket for it. They won't tell you to go back to MDI, and you won't get "labeled" as an "irresponsible pump abuser" or anything. Just call and request a replacement. They're fantastic about getting that request answered quickly.

No, I do not see any cracks and I am not always the most gentle with my pump! Call MM and let them know.
FYI - next time you get air bubble, just unhook (as if going to shower), take reservoir out of pump, prime pump as if inserting new but before reinserting reservoir, take and tap side or hold upright and tap bottom against hard surface to make air bubble get to top where tubing is, place back in pump but make sure you hold pump/reservoir with airbubble up (as in towards ceiling), prime as if beginning new one but you are going to just have to prime all insulin out of tubing to get air bubble out and just let insulin drip out of end (so that means much larger amount of insulin pushed through than normal). Once all clear, rehook and you should be set and no wasted infusion set!

Do you use the belt clip that came with your pump? I had several pumps that got a crack from the reservoir window to the Esc button and it was replaced by Medtronic every time. Finally I got a rep who suggested that it might be the clip. She sent me a free case to use instead. I hated the case and have just kept my pump in my pocket ever since. I have not had a crack near the reservoir window in 3 years since I stopped using the clip.

Thanks, I'm going to call them now!
With pump problems, do you call your Rep first or deal with directly Medtronic? What role does our Rep play after the purchase?

Thanks karen ~ yeah, I too think Jennifer has a point re the possible water leakage. And I'll be in southeast Asian waters in March. I am so happy that you included the bubble answer for me. I was going to ask you how to do this prime, and then I read that Korrie addressed it. Do you have anything to add?

I have always wondered about this. Thank you for your step by step instructions, Korrie. I wondered, but felt like a fool asking. You are all such pros.

Another great observation! Yes, do I use the belt clip! How common are belt clip cracks? Come to think of it, they do seem to exert a mighty pressure. I would hate to stop using it. The original case seems so bulky to me now. Is that what you're using? Do you like it? Maybe if enough of us get replacements due to cracks, they WILL make stronger pump cases.

Resolved! thanks to all who contributed!
I just got off the phone with Medtronic customer service and WOW! My replacement pump will be here by 10 AM tomorrow! I was nervous about getting my settings to match, and they said they'll walk me thru it all on the phone. She said I could have called and been walked thru my bubble prob, and she got me in touch with the loaner travel dept for my upcoming trip. You were ALL right! Medtronic customer service is magnificent!

Just call them and tell them your pump has cracks in it. They will replace it as long as it is under warranty. I had that happen and they were totally polite about it, and the replacement arrived the next day, with a box to send back the old one.

Not to worry! :slight_smile:

Woo hoo! That's great news. Enjoy southeastern asia :)