Hairline cracks in my pump - should i be concerned?

I often hook my pump to the waist band of my pants or a belt loop. As a result, I think I knock into quite often (for example against the kitchen counter. I've noticed tiny fault lines in some areas of the pump but it doesn't seem to be interfering with anything. Should I be more concerned about this than I am? Anyone else have these cracks in their pump?

I had this happen to my pump after it dropped on the floor. It looked like the color was shattered.I ignored it and found that it was no longer waterproof as the battery compartment was damaged in the water, although my pump was still functioning. I called Animas and they immediately sent out a new pump. In my opinion, you should be concerned and call about gettting it replaced.

I too would suggest to call Medtronic ...I have been pumping with a MM pump since 2001, wear my pump on my waist : pants /skirt and never noticed " Hairline cracks " .

I am an " oldie " ( 72 plus ) ...anything can happen

I have returned pumps twice to Medtronic for that reason and as long as its still under warranty it will be replaced. Mine also gets bumped on the counter top and stuff and I wish there was like a bumper guard or some type of protection device to at least have around the edges. I have started also putting a screen protector on mine.

My 522 has a new hairline crack on the clear plastic in front of the screen. It seems to be working ok so far. The pump is under warranty, but I'm always concerned about spending more on healthcare for things that I don't pay for, things covered by warranty or insurance. The cost is absorbed somewhere, and healthcare is already way too expensive.

I don't pump, but I would recommend taking a really strict view towards pump maintenance. If your pump is under warranty, it just makes sense to keep it in 100% tip top shape. If it develops a defect, even something that "might" just be cosmetic, it still represents a risk of failure. Most pump companies want you to keep your pump in top top shape. They don't want a pump to fail and have an adverse event. You may worry about wasting money or being inefficient, but you really can't make an effective decision about that. You don't know the risks and you don't know the costs. You cannot check to see if a hairline fracture is surface damage or a compromise of the case, a pump company can. The insurance companies and pump companies are in the best place to make decisions and if they strongly support aggressive maintenance and returns, I say take advantage of it.

Call Medtronic if your pump is cracked..they will replace it.

You actually pay for this when you buy the pump itself. I believe most pump manufacturers work the average cost of replacements into the retail price. The pump itself DOES NOT cost $8,500 to manufacture, but that is what is charged. Worked into that cost is the cost of FDA device approval (not insignificant!), customer service, and warranty replacements.

I am totally with you on trying to keep health care costs down. I think we can help do this by being prudent with our use of disposable supplies (i.e., not doing things to waste infusion sets, test strips, insulin, etc). BUT, when it comes to replacing your pump under warranty, I actually don't think this results in increased costs, because you've already paid for that.

Definitely call Medtronic because the pump needs to be replaced. The hairline cracks mean that it is no longer water resistant. If water gets in there, it will fry your pump. Water can enter in the form of rain, sweat, or even extreme humidity.

I have a MM pump that is only 8 months old, so no cracks, but the screen gets scratched.
When I had my Animas pump it would develop cracks often and they would just replace it.

A warning though, those little cracks become big cracks and that could disable your pump. I had one go all the way through my pump and the battery cap would not engage the battery correctly, and there by shutting off my pump when I least expected it. Since my warantee ended I had to live with it for a few months before I could get a new one.