PART II -Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump User Tips and Tricks You use Hourly Daily Weekly and Monthly

MiniMed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump Users Feedback. I’ll be starting on CSII within 1-2 weeks Your experiences and valuable user information. i.e. Tricks and Shortcuts you use hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. To gain optimum performance from your insulin pump and even include CGMS (ups and downs) also. I am still trying to gain approval on CGMS Veteran’s Medical Center isn’t to open on prescribing to me cause of cost and feel there is no evidence WITHIN THE VETERAN’S COMMUNITY that it really helps or aids in managing CSII Therapy Your Feedback and Tips are greatly appricated on any pump you use from Waking up every morning to “IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT” events or any special event you may deal with on a daily bases!! I do play hockey a couple times a week and also ski in Winter, and play softball in summer so again feedback or tips on these areas are great also!!!

  • any ISF (Insulin Sensitivity Factors) TIPS and SUGGESTIONS also…I am using a 1800 one from BD Calculations so I am trying to guesstamate before I get on pump to see if THEY (VA Medical Staff or close to my calculations)

The Minimed Revel is a great pump, you will be very happy with it. Minimed will send out a trainer or your CDE will do it.

In the AM, when I shower, I bolus about 1/3 my hourly rate (.3/.95U I think?) before I disconnect. A lot of times, I’ll try to get a test in if I can but, since we have acquired a dog, that doesn’t happen as much. When I test or if the CGM shows me running up, I’ll pile the .3U on top of the CB and, after the yutzing around, it seems to get rid of DP for me?