The Paradigm Revel System and CGM

I have been a type 1 for 20 years and I am going on the pump I hope that this one is good and if you have any advice I would love to hear from you any pointers.

Just started mine a week ago. My biggest advice, hang in there and tweak the alarms to where you are comfortable. First night, my little buddy woke me up a bit much. After that I set the ranges for different times of the day to increase the range at night and tighter during the day. I was running at between 70 & 80 those first few nights early on at bedtime and it kept telling me I was going low. I wasn’t, but because it fluctuated a bit, it thought I was. The alarms are there to help you, they are very nice. So just be patient and adjust to your needs. The predictive alarms have been very helpful for me. Caught a couple of lows that I hadn’t noticed.

Good Luck! and happy pumping!

I’m also going to be starting on this pump soon, probably middle/end of May when the semester is over. I too would also like to know what people think about this. I mean, it must be good because it’s the one my doctor himself uses!

My biggest question is how close is the cgm to your finger pricks?

Also, how are you wearing it? Pocket, belt clip, whatdaya think is best?

Thanks for this I know that this is one of the better ones but when I got it all yesterday I thought to my self when do I get the NASA training to get this thing on me and working…LOL. I’ve been shoting for 20 years and this last year has been hard controling my sugars work job and all that kind of stuff. But there is allot of things I wasnt counting like my carbs and things so this will be good for the retraining and all I need it.

It varies. Sometimes my readings are dead on (meter and CGM). Other times I have experienced them to be off by more than 200 points. I don’t think the CGM shows the highs as high, or the lows as low. The older my sensors are (closer to expiration date), the worse they perform, but my reading are most accuate after I have been wearing the same sensor for several days (you calibrate it by entering BS readings every day). I still check with my meter a lot, but not as much when I wear my CGM.

I have the medtronic paradigm 522 with a CGM. Does anyone know much about the differences? Your printout is great, I am going to see if I can get some software. What meter do you use? My endo wants me to use the one touch that came with my pump, but I really don;t like it and don’t want to use it. I prefer my Freestyle meter, but he can’t download that so he doesn’t really want me using it. He siad he has no use of paper logs:)


I believe there are 2 big differences between the 522 and 523.

The 523/723 Revel system now has a “Predictive Alert”. This way it can try to warn you of impending lows and highs. I have the high alarm turned off, I am more concerned with the lows.

The 2nd item is that you can now send you BG readings from your meter to the pump all the time. It was recommended that with the 52/722 model to turn off the meter BG capture. It now asks if you wish to use the meter BG reading to calibrate your sensor. You can say yes or no.

So if your endo is using CareLink, you can now upload your 523/723 pump readings and get everything!

Within 30 days you can upgrade the 522/722 to 523/723. I didn’t even have my 722 in my hands yet before I found out about the 723 (it was just FDA approved a few days after I had everything set to receive the 722).

When I got on my MM CGM, I had already been a pumper for about 5 years. At first the alarms from my CGM were like when my children pester me about something. I had to turn off the alarms for the first few times and just get use to the trends of my blood sugars and how that compared to what I was seeing on my meter.

I would keep that in mind as you dock yourself to all this equipment. You can always take it a step back to help avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Good luck.

P.S. It’s a wonderful tool and my control with the CGM is better than without it. I wish every one could have one.

My CGMS stays quite accurate as long as I stay hydrated. I have found that if I am getting dehydrated I start to lose a lot of accuracy. I have never been more then 50 points off though.

I have been on the system now for a few weeks and I love it. The predictive stuff is nice for the middle of the night and with the adjustable thresholds its easy to customize for you. I don’t mind going down to 70 in the middle of the night, but you might.

I upgraded from a 703, so it was a pretty good jump. Best feature though, the backlight is nice and bright. I use it as a flashlight all the time.

I have been a type 1 of 38 years and Revel is my first pump. I am very pleased with the training process. The trainer was at the house twice. Then a classroom enviroment and I will be able to go live on the 27th. I have been hooked up to the pump with a saline line. I will be able to make my first site change on friday. ALL BY MYSELF!..OMG. I am fumbling around as to how to wear it, is my tube hanging out.

I did have to switch it to vibrate so i can be better aware of the alarms. I work in a loud enviroment and I could not hear the alarms. CK YOUR BS!