Do you eat pasta? Why, or why not?

My dietician told me that durum wheat pasta is low GI, so I can eat it. It turns out that the most popular brands in South Africa are made with durum wheat (Fatti’s & Moni’s, Barilla). She said that one serving (15g) is a quarter of a cup of cooked pasta, so two servings would be half a cup. I was told not to eat instant noodles. I basically avoid pasta unless I know for sure it’s made with durum wheat. I was also told to avoid high fat creamy sauces, but that tomato-based sauces were fine. I’m on low GI though, I guess that would be different for people on Bernstein.

I’ve measured the carbs on Barilla mezzi rigatoni on my eat smart scale, and each rigatoni has one gram of carb. It makes for an easy to calculate meal.

I used to love eating pasta but have pretty much eliminated it from my diet. I just don’t like have to bolus a ton of insulin to cover the carbs. In fact I have virtually cut most bread, pasta, rice and potato from my diet. I use 10-12 units less insulin per day and have lost 12 lbs. I just got my A1c today and it was a 5.5!!

Pasta from (good Canadian, eh!) duram wheat is one of those things where I need to bolus very little insulin - it just doesn’t affect my bgl’s that much. I also do really well with baby potatoes (way less starchy than big ones), and converted rice.

Hey David
Congratulations on the great A1C.

Thank you!