Oh, The PASTA-bilities!

I was told about the following company and its food by a friend of mine; she happens to be a Diabetes Nurse Educator and Author, so I have confidence in her recommendations but like always, consult with your own nurse educator for specific advice. The article is taken directly from the company’s website Dreamfields Foods and it’s definitely worth reading and exploring. Thanks Tammi!

Diabetes and Dreamfields? Discover the Pasta-bilities.

One of the most prevalent myths that comes with a diabetes diagnosis it that you will never be able to enjoy many of your favorite foods again, pasta being one of them. That’s simply not true! While you do need to control carbohydrate, calorie, and fat intake, and make sensible food choices, Dreamfields pasta can be part of your healthful eating plan.
It Really Is Possible For People With Diabetes To Eat Dreamfields Pasta…
Dreamfields has per serving (2 ounces dry, about 5 ounces cooked):

Twice the fiber of traditional pasta

Only 5 grams of digestible carbohydrate

65% lower glycemic index (GI) than traditional pastasDreamfields GI =13Traditional pasta GI = 38
All of these qualities translate into a lower blood glucose rise after eating Dreamfields as compared to eating the same amount of traditional white pasta. You can truly have your Dreamfields pasta and enjoy it too…without feeling guilty or compromising blood glucose control.

Carbohydrate: Back to the Basics.

People with pre-diabetes and diabetes pay a lot of attention to carbohydrate because it is the primary determinant of post-meal blood glucose levels. Carbohydrate is one of the three building blocks that make up all the foods you eat. The other two are protein and fat. Whether or not you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, carbohydrate is an important part of a healthy eating plan because carbohydrate-rich foods provide energy, fiber and important vitamins and minerals. Everybody (even people with pre-diabetes or diabetes) needs to eat some carbohydrate each day. In fact, the average minimum daily amount of carbohydrate recommended, or the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), is 130 grams/day.With only 5 grams of digestible carbohydrate per serving (2 ounces dry, about 5 ounces cooked), Dreamfields pasta can easily fit into most meal-time carbohydrate goals.*

*Whether enjoying Dreamfields pasta or other foods, consumers with diabetes must carefully monitor blood glucose and have frequent contact with their physician to maintain good health.To create a healthful eating plan for your individual needs, consult with a qualified educated dietician.


is the minimum daily average really 130 grams of carb per day? doesn’t that seem high for Diabetics watching their carb intake?

I would talk with your Endo to be sure - but that’s the RDA - it sounds high to me too but if you think of it in terms of 3 meals plus 2 snacks a day it would be easy to reach that number - Even 30 carbs per meal and 15 carbs per snack almost gets you to 130

my carb intake is at least 200, been then again i’m type 1… 50 per meal 20-30 per snack