I am having problems w/ the pathfinder software. For some reason it will not read my PDM. I tried calling the insulet corp and they tech’s are only there Monday-Friday from 8-5 est. I live in Cali and I work…Can someone help me???


Of couple of things that might help you:

First the PDA IR and the Receiver IR must be just the right distance from each other, about 3 inches.

Second, keep on trying, sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get to work.

Third if you could give me more specifics on what may be going wrong I might be able to help you. Are you sure that your port on your p.c. is working? I run Windows XP on my iMac and do not have any problems. I have my IR Receiver Serial Connector plugged into a USB Adapter. The USB Adapter is plugged into my USP Port. My Windows XP found the Adapter and the IR Receiver.

I once again spoke to my rep about the new PDA and new software that is coming out with it. They might be out in November. I have to admit that the most disappointing part of the OmniPod System is the PathFinder software. But let’s bear with it awhile longer. Insulet Corp. knows that they need new software and are sincerely working on it. These things just take awhile (to us it seem like forever).

I didn’t know there was going to be a new PDA…does it look the same??? I am going to try the pathfinder on my PC; instead of my laptop and I will let you know if I can or can’t get it to work…I am the first to admit I am not patient at all…I want it to work RIGHT now!! hahahha

My rep said that it would have a color display and would have better functionality and software. I would guess that they are gearing up with a better color display (CGMs require a higher resolution display) for when they integrate the OmniPod System with one of the CGMs (Dexcom or Navigator). Keep in mine like my rep said that there are always delays in the release of these new products. We have been waiting forever for the new software, the current PathFinder is terrible. This PDA was suppose to be available this summer but now they are saying November.