Paula Deen partners with drug company

Was going through CNN and came across this video. Paula Deen a diabetic type 2. I have very strong opinions on this, but would like to hear what
others have to say....

How can a person hide this from the diabetic community... profiting for 3 yrs. How can Novo Nordisk allow this person a voice? How many diabetics were negatively affected? Where's
the accountability?

Let's not blame the food or the person. Let's blame the disease. Food doesn't cause diabetes nor does any one person. Let get off our high horse the world doesn't revolve around us as diabetics. Paula Deen's cooking has never made anyone fat or diabetic. Over indulging in any kind of food has made people overweight and is unhealthy but that is a personal choice that was not forced upon them by Paula Deen or anyone else. Mike, although I understand the statement I do not agree. The accountability starts and ends with each of us when it comes to diet. Paula Deen has never advertised her food as being anything but good tasting. A healthy person can enjoy her food as she says in moderation and still be healthy. Just because she's a diabetic doesn't mean she should not apply her trade as a cook of fine southern food.

Paula Deen has a unique opportunity now to join us in taming this diabetes monster I hope she becomes a positive force. We will be waiting to see.