PDM, Etc Case

Anyone found a good solution for a case to carry the PDM, etc? I lost mine, but before I spend $25 on the nylon one from OmniPod, I thought I would shop around.

Here’s a discussion about How people carry their PDMs.

Here’s a discussion about ideas for an Omnipod Case Design.

And here’s a discussion about what people carry with them, which has some discussion about how they carry those items as well.

I think there might be a few more, but those are a pretty good start :slight_smile: Hope that helps some!

I feel like I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my case. I have the PDM, glucose tabs, credit card, insurance card (car and medical), insulin, syringe, test strips, multiclix lancet, cash and a few other cards. OMG! Even I didnt realize how much junk I have stuffed in there. But basically it has replaced my purse.


I use the Orvis Colonel Littleton Large Cell Phone holder for my PDM, the size is perfect, I wear it on my belt, great leather case, I find this solution the best for me, I was leaving the PDM at home, restaurant, car, etc., this way it is always with me. I just keep lancets and test strips in my free style case and keep it with me most of the time, I test before I enter the restaurant then leave the case behind. Here is the link,