Pdm and supplies

just wondering what guys are using to carry around the pdm and supplies, not very happy with the case that came with the pdm.

sugar medical is coming out with ones that are almost the same design but a bit more stylish...not sure that it would appal to a guy though....there is always some sort of camara case....i am still on the search for something as well

I use an Osprey digistow pack. I typically carry the PDM, an extra freestyle lite tester, my lancet device, and a bottle of strips. It's big enough that I also have room for my wallet and/or iphone if I need to get it in there (I have the "L" size). It is a rough and tumble pack that I can toss into my girlfriend's purse, etc, and isn't super eye catching (just looks like a camera case of sorts) so not a big deal for me to just carry by hand (I don't need a big flashy bag with rhinestones and also do not like the cheap/clunky case that originally came w/ the PDM). I am a professor and 99% of the time have an over the shoulder bag I carry to the office, to class, etc, with an outside pocket that houses the pouch really nicely. It's easy to keep track of it that way (for me, at least).

I know some other folks prefer slimmer or more minimalistic bags. I'd previously used a camera case made by InCase (maker of iphone covers, etc). I don't remember what model it was, but it housed the PDM, lancet, and strips very snugly but didn't leave room for anything else. I liked it, but now prefer that little bit of extra room to throw in some extra stuff if I want.

The ones currently from Sugar Medical are 100% identical to what comes with the PDM these days. Seems maybe they actually made the black one that is the Insulet one. I hope they do have something new.

We were given this case by a rep from JDRF when Jack was first diagnosed:


When he got on a pump a few months later, it turned out to be really handy. We can fit PDM, lancing device (onetouch delica), strips (freestyle butterflies obviously), and even a small calculator when we need it. It even has a little pouch for lancet replacements and control solution. It's really small and super convenient - only 4" x 6" x 1" deep. I can toss this in my purse or diaper bag. I have a separate case for hypo supplies.

Here's the high level page with all the cases. The designs for girls / women are better, but not a lot of options for boys / men. At least it comes in some generic colors too. The texting one though is cute for my little man Jack:


well my method is a bit unorthodox...a bit MacGyver. After pricking my fingers 4+ times a day for 27 years I despise the lancet devices. For me, most break in less then a month. I was forever taping and gluing them back together. So I don't use them anymore. I carry my PDM in the hard case with the belt clip (SKU: 14017 $20 from Insulet). If you check out the pic I uploaded you can see that I pushed in a lancet in the side expansion joint on the side of the case. It will fit pretty snug. Then take a small piece of black duct or electrical tape and place it over the bottom portion of the lancet. I use the same lancet for about 2 weeks or so until it gets dull.(never an infection doing this) Now for the part that might be queasy for some. To test, you slide your finger of choice downward along the expansion joint with enough pressure to prick your finger. I've gotten real good at this. LOL I can imagine many of you are going Whaaaaaat?? OMG Plus, I never use alcohol wipes so I just put my finger in my mouth and lick off the remaining blood. A lot of you do that part, admit it. Make sure you push the lancet as deep as you can into the expansion joint and turn it so the tip is angled away from you.
Now the easy part is to take 25 or so strips out of the container and put them in the web mesh pocket located inside the case. I always put the pdm inside so the screen faces away from belt clip. So now you have a small durable case that holds everything you need...the pdm, strips, lancet. It works for me.

2813-sideviewcase.jpg (1.17 MB) 2814-backviewcase.jpg (857 KB)

I didn't care much for the case either, but I am pretty happy with what I've devised. I really like the Accu-chek Multiclix lancing device because of the multi-lancet funcitonality - always sharp. I use an empty oval lip balm container to put up to 8 Freestyle strips in (goood for the day) and store all three pieces in a small LowePro camera case that loops onto my belt. See the pics, its a little bigger than a cell phone case and because its a little streatchy, everything fits in nicely and its not too big. I do look a little dorky with both my blackberry and this on my belt, but thats ok - I'm a computer guy.

the link for the pouch is here (it's the top middle one): http://www.lowepro.com/digital#Volta

A couple of pics of my setup.

[2811-CaseOpen.JPG|attachment](upload://lRMBo7FVLpz9Piec1XLLrW1bxeQ.jpeg) (208 KB) [2812-CaseClosed.JPG|attachment](upload://xcYY2xe1bjnMIL1QWJi4Bifn06Z.jpeg) (201 KB)

mecially cheese...perfect description!

I use the ridge case by Lowepro. I hot glued a swivel clip to the back. I carry PDM, Lancet, strips and spare batteries.

I use the same case and its perfect!