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I’m not sure if anyone else has one of these OmniPod PDM covers, but I’m really liking mine. It took about 10 days for the cover and the personalized battery cover I ordered to come, but it was worth the wait. I usually just have my PDM in my pocket or loose in my messenger bag, so this provides a me little piece of mind (there has been a couple threads about people breaking the screen, which caused me a little worry since that’s not covered under the warranty).

I really like the personalized battery cover too (but am not posting a photo here since it has my number on it).

You can see more photos/products at Freed DM. It looks like you can choose the design I ordered or just get a plain one.

Just the case/cover or just a personalized battery cover door (no actual battery).

Just curious - do you also leave your test strip vial and lancet device loose in your messenger bag/pocket?

I find it difficult to not have a zippered pouch that contains everything. I can't think of another system that would be convenient for me, but I really like the look of that case.

I actually picked up a test strip / lancet holder from that website too. It works very well. Everything is held together surprisingly well as the plastic is contoured to the lancet device and there are little rails to hold the ridge at the bottom of the test strip vial. I have found it works best to take the label off the test strip vial; then you can just spin the vial a 1/4 turn to access the lancet device instead of leaving the test strip vial open. I have a couple pictures of mine below. I’ve been using it for about three weeks now.

The best part is that the PDM and this both fit in my pocket (Just FYI: I wear fairly fitted dockers and Gap khakis at work so it’s not like the pockets are huge either). I’ve taken the PDM out in public many time and everyone just thinks it’s my cell phone now. Not that I hide having diabetes, but I do enjoy not making it obvious. That is probably the one thing that I hated most about the zippered pouch, everyone looked twice then I busted it out. I’ve also found I can even walk and test with this new system.
Here are two pictures of mine-

Thanks for posting! I really like new gadgets!!

Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to pick up a battery cover seeing as I have a tendency to lose things.

Wow, I really like the look of your setup... I may actually get both of these cases myself. It looks nice and compact. I don't mind the zippered pouch, because I keep extra things in there like alcohol swabs, a vial of insulin, a syringe and some advil, but when I'm looking to travel lighter this might be perfect.

Thanks so much for sharing!

No problem. You definitely should! It’s really makes the PDM feel more personal and I like having a little color on mine to break up all the black (although I think it come in black too if black is your thing).

Thank you! I do too, it’s just nice to have another way to protect and carry around my diabetes supplies.

Sorry, one question. None of the pictures on the website make this very clear - but is the cover for the PDM a snap-on kind of thing that snaps onto the front of the PDM and that's it? And the back is "bare"?

There are some pics on their site that show the same case attached to the back/bottom of the PDM. Do you just clip it onto the back of the PDM when you need to use it?? For some reason I cannot wrap my mind around this. Lol

No worries, good question. It is a snap-on cover. The main goal appears to be to protect the screen and buttons while not in use. So you place either the top or bottom in one end of the case and then just snap down the other side. It is really easy to get on and off, but holds on tight. I’ve never had the cover come off in my bag or pocket.

And you can snap it on to the back of the PDM while testing (upside down on the back so a notch in the cover aligns with the test-strip area so that area is not covered up), or you can do what I often do and just leave the cover off while testing.

Hope this helps, but if anything is confusing above feel free to ask for clarification.

Ok yeah, that helps a lot. I may get those two pieces. I always like new diabetes gear - especially portable/convenient things like this. Thanks again!

Just an update: I checked back on that site today to see if they were any new product (as it mentions there will be periodically on the site). No new products, but more colors are now available. I might have to pick up a green set for when I want to change things up.

Just thought I would give a 6 month update on these products. There are still going strong! I was a little worried since I was not sure how durable 3D printed products are, but my I have been impressed. They have been beaten up for the past 6 months with very little wear. I have even soaked them in soap/bleach to clean blood off of them without any difficulty. Here is a picture of them I took just 10 mins ago.

Also, I wish you all the best this holiday season, and please keep the tips coming (I’m quite thankful for all I have learned from this forum over the past several months :) )