What do you carry your "Stuff" in?

I started on the Pod in November. I have been carring my PDM.test strips finger pricker, glucotabs…etc in the pockets of my coat. Well…now the weather is turning warmer and soon I will not be wearing a coat and I’m trying to figure out what to carry all my stuff in. Just wondering what everyone else does.


I wear cargo shorts a lot during the summer. This gives ample pocket room. Otherwise, carry around a small backpack or something. Not sure if this applies, but I also utilize my girlfriend’s purse when available.

Well kinda…I use the wife’s purse whenever possiable…“Honey will this fit into your purse?” Like the cargo shorts idea, like the backpack idea. Guess I need to look for something big enough to hold all my stuff, but small enough not to be a pain.


Pelican Case 1040. Almost industrucable. Holds poker, strips, spare pod, insulin, wipes, and PDM.

I’ve purchased zipper pouches and attached them to belt loops using S-Clips. They’re fairly small and easy to put on/take off. You can also get them in various colors and designs to look as decorative or as plain as you want. It works well for me.

Desang diabetes kitbags give you several options to choose from http://www.desang.net You might find something from the Walletbe line on the QVC website. I customized a walletbe that I cut out the middle for my test strips and lancet device and put my PDM in the place where they were suggesting you place you cell/Blackberry…works great; plus, it has a strap that you could put around your wrist along with a front ‘window’ where you could put emergency info.

I might be a rogue diabetic or something but I only bring my lancing device, strips, PDM, and like gushers or something. They all fit into one pocket, but normally I put the lancing device and strips in one pocket, and PDM in the other. I have a pocket on the right side of my chino’s that I put my cell phone in. P.S. I know, I know.

Hey people -

I’ve also had this problem so I’m in the process of putting together a little company trying to make cases for the OmniPod. My website is www.omnipodpak.com - I will be launching it in the next couple of months. I am currently in the prototype stage (I have no idea if this idea is going to go anywhere but you can always hope!!) I’m going to need a focus group so if any of you are interested, let me know and I’ll send you a prototype when they are made (should be mid-May).

Take care,

Susan…I tried to pull up your website…no results :?(

Hi Janice -

Thanks for your interest. The website isn’t up yet but that’s what it’s going to be. Hopefully, it should be up by the end of April. Want to be part of my focus group?


Sounds like fun. I’d like to be of help.

I just tried pulling your site up…lol I guess I should have read a little more before I did. Can you design skin’s for the PDM?

I’d like to do that and include a light that can go around the PDM with an elastic band (need that for nighttiime testing…) I wanted to wait until the new PDM comes out but you know Insulet, they keep promising but it never comes. I’ll look into vendors for that too!! Thanks for the great ideas. I know I can count on you to be part of my focus group!! Email me and I’ll send you a prototype.



I would be interested in the focus group as well. I have seen the new PDM and it looks much nicer than the current version I agree with you for waiting.

Good luck and keep me posted.

Thanks Seth. I’ll keep you posted. I’m working on the stuff now and it’s looking good!! More to come.


I met with an insulet rep last week and she said that they’re working out deals with insurance companies. The reps don’t have a release date so she said it probably wouldn’t be until the fall. sigh We’ll all just keep waiting to see what this new device ends up doing for us!