Pdm reading of high

Hi has this happened to anyone it did to me last night. I went and did my BG and all the pdm said was high no numbers??? I had to stick myself 3 times before I got a number.... Let me noo

Yes...that usually means your bg is over 500...not good. My sons did same thing when his pod became dislodged. We had to change out the pod and then start doing corrections to get his BG back down. Hope you are okay.

that's happened to my brother - i guess there's a certain point where the # is too high and it won't give a reading and just says "high." He takes a correction when that happens - but it is smart to try again. I guess sometimes that can happen too if you recently touched something sugary like fruit or candy or something and didn't wash your hands before testing.

One thing I've recently noticed with the Freestyle testing (maybe same with all BG strips and devices) is that the longer you wait between sticking your finger and applying it to the strip, the number will rise. It might be due to something like air interacting with the blood and changing how the strips chemicals work. Not sure, but just something that I was able to repeat a few times with back to back test and delaying on one of the two tests.

I agree with MD mom. It means one's blood glucose is over 500. That happened to me when I got bad insulin/a bad pod. I had to change my pod and I treated it as though it was 500 and checked again in a couple of hours.

That's kind of dumb cause how can you correct if you don't know your number