Has anyone had a "HIGH" reading from the PDM?

Has anyone ever had a “HIGH” reading from their PDM? I currently have an ear infection and it is being treated with an antibiotic. I checked my BG this morning because I had an awful headache too and my bg was HIGH. I thought “Oh great, now how do I figure a bolus?” Checked with an alternate meter and figured a bolus of 8 u of Humalog. Reading is now down to 425 and I hope it continues to a more normal level. Wish I had a day off from this Diabetes. :frowning:

That has happened to me. I just went with a bg of 500 and bolused from there. Then just kept up with it.

Yes…I did a major goof on the carbs of the muffin I ate.( I should not have eaten it) It said HIGH…so I figured it was probably in the 500 range…and bolused accordingly…

Some how I feel ashamed that my BG was so high…I should have set my alarm to check it throughout the night because I knew I had this darned ear infection…

we have had this reading a few time it usually happens when my sons not getting the insulin correctly from his pod but we go with 500 to correct it and the check again in an hour

Thank you to each of you that replied. While I’m definitely not glad that you also had HIGH readings, I do feel better knowing that I’m not alone. I guess that is what bothers me the most about diabetes…it is the feeling of being alone. My doctor is a good person but just doesn’t understand the dynamics of caring for the diabetes 24/7. And Lee…you’re right - I do feel really crappy right now but hoping for a better day later on.

Sounds like you took all the steps any of us would take. Anything above a 500 is supposed to produce a “HIGH,” and it’s not uncommon with an infection (or on certain meds like steroids) to shoot up over 500 and experience some additional insulin resistance to boot. Taking a large bolus (preferably an injection - like other said here), and then nursing it down over the course of several hours (checking to make sure that, yes, it is moving down) and avoiding additional bolusing for at least 3 hours is what I would do.

Have you considered adjusting your basals to 105-110% or so of normal while you’re sick? I do this when sick when the highs seem to float without moving, but return to my normal basal profile once I have my first low.