Peanut Butter Cookies

I made some improptu almond flour the other night using a food processor. I didn't really know what I was doing, so I didn't sift out the flour... just went ahead and made cookies. Lol, they sorta tasted ok, but were strange with that chunky flour going on.

So I read up on it and made a ton more flour, sifted out the finer part to use for baking and the thicker stuff to use for things like frying chicken (which I attempted and failed at last night, though the 'breading' tasted good?)

I used this recipe for the cookies:

I'm neither vegan nor celiac, but the recipe is awesome. I made the cookies again tonight using properly sifted flour. I just used regular crisco shortening instead of what the recipe called for. And.... I added 3 tbsp of chocolate chips. I couldn't help it! It winds up making about 15 small but very filling cookies that average about 15 carbs a piece. :) And my sugar doesn't spike!

I'm a big fan of Elena's recipes! They're very simple but the results are usually fantastic. I usually reduce or omit the agave because it spikes my sugar too much (I substitute a small amount of coconut sugar and add stevia until it's sweet enough), Her chocolate almond joy bars are amazing and I also love the pumpkin bars. Can't wait to try this recipe!

That sounds great! I am going to have to try the pumpkin bars soon. I just need to find a source of almond flour that is cheaper :/