Pedometer Tips

I got a pedometer at the Diabetes Expo last Saturday and put it to use today, to see how many steps do I take during a normal day. So far, I am at close to 5,300 steps.

Anybody else using a pedometer? How many steps are you shooting for per day?

I was given one at the education program. They told us to walk 10,000 steps per day. I have only gone up to about 5300 steps a day so far. I was cleared by the ortho last week and he said I can start walking again, but to start out slow and work up to it. Have to watch the ankle.
I am thinking of getting an exercise bike because my husband can’t do a treadmill and New York weather is so unpredictable.

Will be shooting for 10K, then! THX for the feedback.

I have heard 10,000 a day is the goal to reach. I wore won for awhile, but I could not get past all the stuff hanging off of me, pump, pedometer, etc.

Good luck with your walking and having the number staring you in the face, will cause you to perhaps take the stairs, park in the furthest parking lot, or perhaps even go for a walk, imagine that!! :wink:

We could all start wearing them and post our steps for the day, but, ahhhhh , more numbers to post and compete with :frowning:

My HMO has a “10,000 Steps” program and as members we get a discount on pedometers. Prior to breaking my ankle 2 years ago (3 pins and 2 plates later) I would walk 15,000 steps per day during the week and 20,000 on Sat and Sunday. On weekdays, this involved taking an extra long way to the bus stop (10 blocks), then walking 30 minutes over lunch hour, and then walking around a 3.5 mile lake in the evening. On weekends I would put extra walking in during day, while shopping and running errands
2 things I learned: sometimes when we think we’ve put a lot of steps in, we really haven’t; and, little things during the day add up to a big total in the evening.
Oh, and a third - in the last 10 years I have probably dropped about 4 in the toilet.

I think the 10,000 number is something someone just arbitrarily picked.

Fast forward to today: I never got back to those goals after my ankle fracture. One reason is that since then, I have been afraid to walk even a couple of feet on ice because that’s how I fell. But, of course, that’s no excuse for summer…I still wear it, and pretty much now do about 5000 steps on weekdays and maybe 8000 on Sat and Sun.

Kathy you make me laugh. :slight_smile:

You might want to check out this site, too, Manny:

I’m “comrade” cynclair there. :smiley: – not that I’ve been tracking for ages. Let Son#2 borrow the good pedometer… yeah, that’s the reason.

You are funny, Kathy!

K: today I did 8,131 (before going to the shower), so I assume it will be another 200-300 before I go to bed. Doing better!

I was off of work today so of course I went to the mall and threw on a free pedometer from of all places AARP, crap I am old (well actually it is Bob’s, but I am close).

Well anyway, I shopped all day and then came home and did my gazelle.

How many steps are we suppose to do in a day??

Too ashamed to post what mine reads.


Good article about pedometer, phew, I feel better. :slight_smile:

Best tip I have is to make sure you put a safety strap on your pedometer. A 3 " strap witha clip will save you from losing it when it slips off your belt (as it inevitably will).

Good tip David!

I haven’t lost mine yet - but that’s coz it spends most of its time sitting in the drawer!

I’ve worn it a few times. The noise gets to me for a while but then I completely forget about it. I find it motivates me a little - always checking to see how many steps I’ve done (and because mine’s a clever little thing, I can also see what distance it’s equal to, how many calories I’ve burned off, how much time I’ve spent walking, and a total of all steps… I do love my geeky toys, especially when they were only $3 lol)

Lately I’m in an exercise slump :frowning: No excuses… it’s summer here, the weather’s great, I live by the beach in a quiet-ish town with great paths to walk on… I do have my son around full time and we do both have health issues that sometimes get in the way - but I’ve let them get in the way too much! It’s ok to put stuff off sometimes but I did that too many times in a row and now I’m in a lazy rut. Hurumph.

OK… will put the pedometer on tomorrow and see if that motivates me :slight_smile:

Yes, mine lives in the drawer now too, partly because my main exercise now is in the gym and does not register on a step counter.

Up to 10,000 on a good day!

I’m considering buying one of these. Are they any good?