Completed 56 days, 10,000 steps program!


Yesterday was my last day in the 56 day 10,000 steps program. How did I do? The results are in....

My pedometer, AFO brace and I accumulated 641,065 steps. My average daily steps was 10,516. 41 of 56 days I achieved my steps goal. My average daily steps change was +58%. Makes it seem like all I did before that was sit at the PC, doesn't it?

Not sure how much weight I lost during the 56 days but since mid-May, I've lost 23 pounds. Even my specially designed AFO brace is now a bit floppy against my leg.See what happens when you become a Type 2 diabetic? Not only do you have to buy more groceries and eat out less, you also have to buy new clothes and a new AFO brace!

I'd like to thank those, who logged steps with me. Jim , who tried to keep up with me but he lost his pedometer along the way. Ingrid, when she wasn't walking around Europe, walked the neighborhood with me most evenings.

All the dogs need to be thanked, too! Belle, Suzie and Maggie logged the most steps with me. Belle and Suzie hardly missed an evening walked with me throughout this program. Muffie gets special thanks because she had her own special walk everyday. It was a slow one around the block. But, it gave me extra steps. Maggie ran to the door everytime she heard the word "walk". No way could a miss an evening walk because it would really disappoint Maggie. Guido was my fastest walking partner. No going slow with him on the lead.

I plan to continue the 10,000 steps program because this is about the only kind of exercise I enjoy. If I can accomplish this program, I know everyone else can. Get a pedometer and give it a go!


A big congratulations on reaching your goal! I had been doing a lot of walking and using a pedometer – I had only one day that was over 10,000 steps, but I was so pleased. At the moment, I’m still recovering from a freak event, but when I’m given the OK, I’ll be back to walking too. I really enjoyed it and miss it heaps.


Thanks, Gaelyne! Hope you can get back into walking again very soon!!!