10,000 Steps - or ... Tip Toe Through the Tulips

I was watching a clip from I believe Good Morning America today here online (I don’t watch morning TV - sigh - no time) and came across this interesting bit of info about the benefits of walking - which is something I’ve always loved to do (my parents would have wished bungee cords were available in the days I was a toddler).

I love to walk - and the benefits of walking in my opinion outweigh some of the fancy schmancy ways of getting exercise - less expensive, can be done anywhere (going up/down your own stairs in your house if you aren’t up to going outside), plus the benefits of good health are great!

If you have a few minutes - check out my blog - and I’d love to especially hear anyones comments on what my medical teams have said over the years of my having “firm” flesh - I’d love to know if anyone else who is long term like myself - that was given the same comment about their skin. This is nothing kinky - so don’t be worried - remember - I am only a little baby …

Here’s the link … Tip-Toe Through the Tulips

Anna, you should join: " Get fit For Space Canada" www.asc-csa.gc.ca My Dear brother recommended …when you register you get a pedometer . I am going to let the Canadian site know about this .or will you ??..it is fun and you get to cover the distance from Earth to the International Space Station …a total of 340 kilometers.Join Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk in his fitness activity !!..nothing kinky indeed …just some sweat here and there , ha, ha .

PS NO tulips …I know, I am from where tulips come…N.

Hey, I read your actual blog and don’t know anything about firm flesh, but I do LOVE to walk. It’s the easiest and most relaxing exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Good for blood sugar control too.