Pepsi and Mark Sanchez

Hey I am a Colts fan and voting for Mark Sanchez for most anything is, well something I would not normally do. But, there is one exception. Pepsi is giving $100,000 to one of three charities that receive the most votes. The Juvenile diabetes association is one of those charities one can vote for. you do htis by chosing Mark Sanchez as your favorite of the three NFL players.

Lets help get JDRF the $100,000.00 vote for, ah Mark Sanchez and on Sunday remember to yell CO COLTS !!!

rick phillips

Mark’s got my vote for JDRF! Thanks.

Go Colts! (I’m a Colts and a Peyton Manning fan!) Mark got my vote too for JDRF =)

Thank you for posting this! I voted too! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this! I voted too!

Well, the cancer votes took the prize. I’m happy with that too.

Now, aren’t we supposed to go out and buy Pepsi because they are so awesome? :wink:

Oh yes, i already went out and bought my diet coke, because, well i do not like diet Pepsi. But like cancer winning, (which I am also ok with), I figure it is the fact i drink diet soft drinks that really matters. lets face it Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, they love each other right?