Perfect Portions Food Scale

So I got my brand spanking new Perfect Portions food scale in the mail the other day. I used some credit card reward points to buy it and so far I have to say I am really impressed. I am new to carb counting and am not a big fan of math so for me this is the perfect device. The scale itself is really sleek and features a typical "Nutrition Facts" label on the side. There is a plastisized booklet that contains 2000 foods and the option to input an additional 99 foods or meals or whatever you want. I threw a plate on the scale, zeroed it out and added a handful of cherries, plugged in the food code for raw, red, sweet, cherries and up popped the calorie count, carbs, sugars, fiber, everything I wanted to know. I added a few more cherries to get 18 g of carbs which for me is 2 units of insulin and I packed them for lunch along with a salad 13 g. It is easy to use and so far I am absolutely loving it.

I've slacked off a bit on some things but for my regular eating during the week, I toss stuff on the scale all the time. I agree that it's a very handy tool to have! I have one w/ an "FDA label" display too but stopped using it as I find it easier to just weigh and eat as I've looked up a lot of stuff in "Calorie King"