Whats a Good Food Scale?

So I find that I am eating more and more things that would be much easier to weigh instead of count out pieces or sometimes guess. So it seems like the logical thing to do is buy a food scale.

Anyone have any favorites and or recommendations? I found this one

Perfect Portions Scale (http://www.perfectportionsscale.com/)

This seems like a really good scale with good features, but I thought I'd ask the community if there was a preferred one that had some features that might help out a diabetic. I don't know if there is any, they seem pretty straight forward, but I still thought I'd check. Thanks!

I really like my eatsmart. it can calculate carbs either by using a code for the food (example: the code for raw bananas is 010), or you can use the nutritional data on the box of prepared food to figure out exactly what the carb count is for the amount on the scale. here's a video of Manny demonstrating how it works


+1 Love my EatSmart scale.

I'm on my second EatSmart...I have tried most of the other brands and they do not compare with it's ease of use. JMHO

I agree! The Eatsmart scale makes like & carb counting SO much easier! Very much worth the price.

Great feedback! Sounds like the eatsmart is a favorite :) Thanks for the help. has anyone used Perfect Portions scale by chance? I need to read more about the 2 (eatsmart & Perfect Portions) but it seems that the Perfect Portions scale does a lot of similar things and the cost is a little more attractive. So if anyone has used it I'd love to hear experience , pros, cons, etc :) thanks to everyone again for the feedback!

Thanks again everyone for your feedback. I've read a more about the eatsmart scale and it seems like reviews are much better for it. Sounds like the extra money is worth it! Thanks :)