Peripheral Neuropathy vs other foot problems --- how can you tell a difference?

I have Type 2 Diabetes since 2004 after being treated for a Thyroid tumor. Have had foot problem (Plantar Fasciaitis) and received treatment for that a few years prior to 2004. Also was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome about 1998 and is controlled with Klonopin which is used for anti-seizure also. So how do I know the difference if I begin with Peripheral Neuropathy. I have had several chronic bouts of Plantar Fasciaitis, each one takes longer to get better. Could this be the start of a PN ?


I have had all three conditions. The plantar faciaitis has a very distinct type of pain. It is sharp and achy all at once. It also gets better while you are off it but hurts like heck when you start walking on it after a rest. This is not related to diabetic neuropathy. PF is a tendon problem while DN is a nerve problem. Could be related to the restless leg, though. In DN, nerves are firing off uncontrollably (which is a brain malfunction) and restless leg is the brain firing off uncontrollably (another brain problem).

You gave me an idea to ask my DR about Clonipine because I don’t think the Requip is working much anymore. Thanks.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Well I began on Tonic water with Quinine in the beginning and the after that didn’t help anymore the DR started trying other meds. I think it was even before Requip was out. Alot of anti -seizure meds and tried Sinemet. I guess the DR figures the spasms otr tremors were akin to Parkinsons. That was a terrible experience. Klonopin worked and has been. I take 0.5 mg in the evening. Finally felt so good after a few yrs I started on my own to cut back … well it came back with a vengence. I now realize when things are status quo, its a good thing and everything is working as it should. Good luck, if you decide to try it.


I know this is an old post, but I have a great simple remedy for RLS!

put a couple small bars of soap (hotel size) between your matress and matress pad. Within a few nights, your RLS will stop. No one knows how it works, but it does!!!

Try it, no expensive medicines or side effects

interesting but not feasible for me. I would have to slowly withdraw off the Klonopin. Then wait to see if this would work. I need to get up early for work and can’t risk playing Russian roulette with my sleep. At this point one pill an evening does the trick … hate to upset the apple cart. This might be a good suggestion for a newbie. Have had RLS since 1998.