Personal Best

I am BEYOND elated; I'm on cloud nine. Today I saw my endo and for the first time in my 18+ years of diabetes, my A1c is in the 5s! I'm now the proud 'owner' of a A1c of 5.9.

I do think a lot of this has to do with the switch from my Paradigm 722 to my Animas Ping. I am convinced my Paradigm was no longer giving accurate doses 95% of the time.

But....whatever the reason, I'm thrilled and excited. It's moments like this that make all the hard work and dedication and sacrifices worth it.

Wow!!Congratulations Kari, that is something to be very happy and proud about!!

Way to go! My Paradigm is about 2.75 years into it's 'lifespan' and I think I may be in the same boat. You should be very pleased w/ a great result!

Kari that is OUTRAGEOUS! Way to go!!! and thanks for sharing the news!

Stupendous!! I've had diabetes 19 years and never been in the 5's. But I got a CGM a couple of months ago, and am hoping to achieve it on my next A1c.


Natalie ._c-

Thanks everyone.

Danny - no sundae, but the boyfriend and I did celebrate at Golden Corral. Ended up eating a lot of veggies and meat (and I'll admit, a lot of french fries). BG before 106, BG after 113. Good celebration, but not the rollercoaster a sundae would put me on ;)

Outstanding. Most people don't appreciate the number of decisions and actions required every day over a period of months needed to achieve this. But we do and you just have to smile and be proud. Keep up the good work.

pat yourself on the back. good job. now get back to it ;)

Kick ■■■ - I have always been in the low 6’s never 5’s. Just got Dexcom CGM and hoping in 3 months to get the same luck as you. Good job and keep it up girl!