Personal Trainer

Today I signed up for a personal trainer. I have been talking to the guy and really decided it was a good thing for me. He is also doubling as a nutritionist so theres a double. We were talking about my goals and diabetes and he sounds really qualified. I would not consider myself overweight by any means, but I would like to slim down and build more muscle and less body fat. I will be training with him 4 times a week and hopefully I will see some change in no time.

One thing I also like is that instead of “dieting” he is teaching me how to eat healthy. He does not believe in diets or peoples weights, which is EXACTLY how I feel. Why get on a diet only to get results and go back into your bad eating routine only to gain the weight back and diet again. That is why everyone is always on a new diet ever month.

Well Im excited and will post more updates. :slight_smile:

Good for you! I did the same thing. THe personal trainer really keeps me motivated. As far as diet, it took me a LONG time to realize that it has to be a lifestye change. I am not doing any particular diet, just trying to eat healthy and if I am eating out, then I try to make a healthier choice out of what is offered.