Pet peeves

our friend travis grubbs and i were discussing pet peeves and we thought i would be a great idea to start up a forum for it. i thought at first to just limit it to diabetes, but thought i would be even more fun to widen the spectrum. so from mild to wild. from something as easy as everyday peeves to even something as silly as what your dog did today. let’s have some fun and lay em out there.

my first pet peeve is my family’s love of using their forks to get butter out of the butter bowl. knowing that it drives me nuts.

now it’s your turn…what’s your pet peeve?

spoon in the peanut butter jar - a BUTTER KNIFE belongs there!

My mother coming over she’s diabetic herself and checking my pump when I sleep then lecturing me in the morning about my glucose levels as well as the amount of insulin used.

people who text message and drive

people who talk on the phone while driving - without using a headset


My pet peeves … just to name a couple:

When someone uses the last of the paper in the printer/copier and walks away without refilling or telling someone.

When someone uses the printer/copier and has a mechanical problem then leaves it jammed or some other problem without telling anyone.

When someone screws up my ride to paratransit, leaves me siting for a couple of hours and then won’t accept responsibility for it!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

AMEN Debb!!!

We have one of those next door too!

One of my pet peeves is a constant pecking or tapping or knocking and/or stirring a spoon in a cup LOUDLY, on and on and on and on.

My husband or anyne nosing through my mail or private papers.

A gum popper.

Yes I hate Tailgaters as well as ppl who hog the overtaking lane grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

people who don’t use their signals

the trash people that empty the dumpster right out side my window and 3 am any random hour that i am SLEEPING!!!

and thinking about this i live in an apartment and dont they have rules like quite time rules like 10pm to 9 am

Cruising in the passing lane…don’t they teach that in driver’s ed anymore?

I have another…we taught our kids the concept of “inside voices.” Is that something that people are no longer concerned about? I hear people yelling everywhere…I even heard a mother calling to her kids across the room AT THE LIBRARY!

My neighbors rooster!!

He crows too early in the morning and at nap time without fail 2 minutes after I walk out of my daughters room and then she thinks it’s time to get up!!

Your birds get up late,ours have been up hours before that…

I think I would be having fried chicken(rooster).

My chair mat that moves when scoot my office chair at home. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Yeah, how dare those birds!!

Pet peeve #1 when someone is on public transport or paratransit who has so much perfume on that they smell like they jumped into a vat of it!! (I get sick.)

YEAH!! Gum snappers on public transit. I wanna grab them by the neck and squeeze tight!

I get peeved by people who interrupt the explanation was trying to provide by constant interruptions with question that would have been answered in about 30seconds if they had just kept their pie-wholes ■■■■!

Judith, please don’t offense, but many of us would be happy to help you with that chore… /wink

  • Red eye in photos drives me crazy, esp in stuff like holiday cards and wedding slide shows.
  • Impatient drivers who honk behind me b/c they feel I’m not making a turn fast enough irritate me. If I had magical powers, I would make it so that every time someone did that to me they would lose bowel and bladder control on the spot.
  • And right now my cat is annoying me by sitting right in front of the monitor. I move her. She comes back. sigh.

People who leaves their carts in the middle of the supermarket aisle…

People who will let their dogs out to poop …and not cleaning up after,

And yes, I agree…driving and text messaging! AAAGH!

  • People who stop to chat with their friends in doorways and other high traffic areas.
  • Noisy people who walk past my flat after a night out.
  • Pedestrians who don’t understand that standing in the middle of the road and/or crossing slowly puts them in danger
  • Restaurants and coffee shops that don’t serve sugar free drinks
  • People who can’t make decisions and commitments and stick to them. I get stressed out when trying to coordinate my life with people who refuse to commit to a plan. It wastes my time and is disrespectful!