Physical Therapy, Tresiba, and Keto

Hi, my name is Zac, I’m 23, and I’ve been T1D since the end of 2013. I joined this forum because I have some questions about a new approach to treatment I hoped to get feedback on, but also because the truth is I don’t know enough diabetics and realized I could really use the support and experience of a community in my same position.

I use a t:slim, but I’m looking to transition back over to Tresiba once a day, because I’ve been eating keto for a year now and have managed to control my blood sugar with just .9 basal units per hour for a little while now. Occasional corrections are necessary, but for the most part I can get by with just my basal rate now.

However, one key thing I wanted to get involved with as I transition back to injections is physical therapy. I’ve seen a chiropractor and asked an accupuncturist about advice regarding injections (they recommended not to inject at any meridian points or at least to rotate them often if I do). I know I’ve lost most of the strength of my core/glutes over the last few years, because when I would exercise with my thin frame, putting infusion sets (and a G5 into my obliques) back in would be far more painful than on days when I wouldn’t do squats, pilates, etc. Getting a comfortable exercise routine back is a big part of why I want to drop infusion sets.

I was wondering if anyone with experience with physical therapy, uncomfortable infusion sets, experience with Tresiba/keto could sound off here with their ideas, and hopefully we can start a discussion that enables me to learn more about what you’ve gone through, and what I should do going forward. Thanks!