Pic of New Animas Vibe with cgm & Medtronics New Enlite sensor

link to see new Animas vibe
Scoll Down to see on site
What you Think???


All I can say is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t way to get my hands that new toy! Even if I have to wait awhile, it will def be worth it!

Yes nice but its a little bigger than the ping ,But I still can’t wait.

I am really excited about the Animas Vibe! Yahoo! Now, if we could just get the FDA to speed things up…(yes, I realize that won’t happen…)

Looks good But lets see if it works as good as its looks.

I’m 6’4 and a couple ounces won’t bother me one bit! lol!

I’m 6’2 same hear lol

The Medtronics is nice too wonder witch one works better ???

Exciting! Hopefully the FDA will have the Vibe approved by October 2012 when my warranty on my Ping is up…

ME TOO welcome to the warranty race to get it lol

I haven’t felt excited about any new technology in a long while…but I must admit…seeing a picture of it made my heart pitter patter. I just wish it was not years off.

On another note, is that the new Dexcom sensor pictured with it? Looks like it, if so…totally diggin’ it. Looks less boxy, and more rounded. Very slick.

Can’t wait for an easier to read animas remote, but I’m fairly sure that when they integrate with dex there will be no remote. RF can’t handle 2 different devices at once. Why not go bluetooth with it? sigh

Sorry No remote maybe on the next one

Ugh no! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my remote!

I wonder, is Animas Vibe=Animas 2020+Bigger/Better screen+dexcom integration?

I am very excited about the Vibe and hope it’s not delayed coming to Canada (or too expensive to upgrade since I JUST got a Ping a month ago)! I love that it still has the colour screen. That’s made such a huge difference in my ability to see my new Ping compared to my Cozmo. I wonder if there will still be a meter remote to display readings on and test BG and such, or whether it will all be on the pump screen.

Yes it will be integrated with Dexcom. That was the reason behind the partnership between Animas and Dexcom for the PING pump.

Ah, just read this (see my question/comment below). This makes me sad as I love the meter-remote. Bluetooth would make sense to me, too; it drives me crazy they don’t do stuff that makes sense!

There will not be a remote. They are going to keep the PING system active I think for that reason. I never use the remote so I would jump at the chance for CGM though.

Animas has an early upgrade program where you don’t need to wait until your warranty is up to upgrade. This depends a lot on your insurance but I know with mine that I can pay $399 (US), trade in my PING and get the new one when it comes out as long its still under warranty. You can do the same thing for the PING right now if you’re using an older ANIMAS pump model, I don’t know about the warranty constraints on that. If you wait until the new model comes out the trade-in pre-warranty upgrade costs more, similar to older model upgrading to the PING.