Picture On Cover Of My Book

I put this together this morning. People on different sites have recommended a montage like this one. What do you think? My book is being published on amazon.com. My page will appear there in a few weeks.


The pictures are good but the composition is not very eye-catching. I would suggest you hire a graphics designer and go over some options to make the montage come alive. If I can think up of some examples I’ll post here again.

I love the pictures! esp the graduate! you must be getting very excited.

Excellent photos that you have chosen for your arrangement Richard. It just needs some warming up. The 1st simplist way would be to edit it, if you have a program. The 2nd simplist way is to put your photo in a Really Nice frame that is available in your home. I know that you have many. Preferrably a frame that is thinner, so that it gives it a finished look but thin so that it doesn’t overwhelm and take away from your arrangement.

Put your framed photo on something plain(Like no-detailed cloth). Take a picture as close around the frame as possible since that’s what you want in the photo. Make sure that there is no glare from the frame glass. Then put your camera card in your printer, print it on photo paper and send it to the publisher. I’m of course presuming that you haven’t sent it yet. If you don’t like the frame idea, then I’m sure that there are lots of other things that you can do to finish(warm-up) your photo arrangement.

Geez, you sure have aged Gracefully Young Man. :smiley: Must be your tender heart.

This is just an example. As you can see, the wide frame overwhelms the photo.

There are too many cooks in the kitchen Terrie. LOL! The meal may never be done. I have received dozens of ideas on the D sites where I have posted my suggested cover pics. Dozens of different ideas. My head is reeling! I am going to order a second proof today, using one of my suggested cover pics. If it is good i will start the selling of the book. I am getting tired of all this waiting and stalling. i want to get the show on the road so I can relax ad tend to some other things for a change. I think I have a wife out there somewhere??? Let’s see…Oh YES!..her name is Anita! She is a cool lady. It would be nice to become reaquainted with her. LOL!

That is totally cute!

Ok I’m a grandmother here and I love the one of you holding the baby! Just a suggestion from the peanut section here!

I like the montage idea …it shows you at different stages in your life …with diabetes !!..oh, maybe a pix of you and Anita , the love of your life ?