Pictures Of My Joslin Certificate and Medal

My award from Joslin is for 50 years. They give medals for 50 and 75 years. On Sept. 15 I will have my 64’th anniversary of my diagnosis. I will receive my 75 year medal, God willing, in 11 more years.

The 50 year certificate.

On the front.

On the back.

Congrats and courageous is the right word!!!

Awesome!! congrats Richard

“living courageously” about sums it up, no?
Congratulations Richard! Stay the course.

Wow Richard, how truly amazing you are! Congratulations!

Hey! Way to go Buddy!

Thank you so much for showing us the pictures of your medal and certificate Richard. What a treat! :slight_smile: It has certainly been a long, unique and sometimes difficult learning experience for you, I admire your strength and wisdom.

Now your next achievement will be your Diploma of Endocrinology, yes? Oh that’s right. You already have that. :smiley: You’ve done Well. Congratulations Richard!

You’ll get the 75 year medal, too!

Congratulations! You’re an inspiration to us all.

Congratulations… This gives me Hope…God Bless

Wow Richard! That is awesome. Congrats!

Congratulations Richard. More power to you. Truly your’e an inspiration…

Thank all of you so much for your very kind replies!!!

Congratulations Richard. You deserve at LEAST that much. Thank you for sharing!


Wow that is definately inspiring!

A truly heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope that I shall have the pleasure of conquering this disease for 50+ years.