Diabetic and tattoos and piercings

I have heard that if your diabetic you cannot get tattoos or piercings. For me, I have 17 tattoos, and 13 piercings. No, I don’t look like a tattoo and piercing freak. The tattoos I got all mean something, the shop I go to is very clean. You can eat something off the floor good. For my piercings, I have my tongue, nose, and lip, and ears pierced. I can wear outfits that you wouldn’t even know I had a tattoo or piercing.

For health reasons, if you are a controlled diabetic I would say you can get a tattoo or piercing, but if you aren’t you are putting your health in your own hands. I am anal retentive on my health. I still have good vision, my kidneys are great, and I do not have nerve damage.

Ask your doctor first if you are thinking about it. My doctors know all about mine and always ask if there is anything new.

I have 2 tattoos and my nose pierced and ears pierced. No problems for me, I have healed fast and no infections. Well, one infection when I got my nose done the first time, but it was because I took the stud out to early and slathered on sun block while on vacation. Had it re-pierced and so far so good.
If I was younger I would probably get another tattoo. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that the tattoo artist should know, too - maybe something about the ink? I told mine, but he didn’t listen. Haven’t had any trouble, but that was about 8.5 years ago…

I got a tattoo as a part of the process of accepting my diagnosis of type 1. Something there to remind me that life isn’t going to throw anything at me that I can’t handle.

Good topic - I would think the concern is about the re-healing process - which is a little gross anyway. Maybe folks should be sure that small cuts and the like are healing well before considering a tattoo or piercing? Or maybe not tat your feet if you’re having PAD symptoms? Hmmm…

Thanks for sharing!