Ping cost question

I have a 2020 unit and it is still in warranty, I want to upgrade to the Ping and thought it was $399 now the website says $599 does anyone know if the pricing recently went up?

If it says that, then maybe yes.
Didnt they originally go by how many years left of warranty you have on your current pump?

Now that the newer pump is approved and for sale in Euope, the raised their price for upgrades.


I see it. It’s $599 to go up from a Ping, and $299 from a 2020 to a Ping. They are waiting for people to pounce on the new pump once it hits the US market.
And anything older than a 2020 is no longer eligible for anything.

That’s BS! That was the whole reason I just switched to the Ping from MiniMed. I was assured when I ordered it, that I could upgrade to the new Dexcom integrated pump for the $299! I’m going to have to make a call to them out on this one.

You will still be able to upgrade from the PING to the VIBE for 299. It’s just from the older systems to the PING went up because they are anticipating approval in the near future.