Where do you put it?

I am searching for new places to put Polly Pod!!! I have tried my stomach and back so far…Where do you place your Pod?

I really like the back of my upper arm. I’ve only been on the pod now for about 2-3 weeks,bu it’s out of the way and it doesn’t bother me at all when I sleep. Just need to be careful when turning corners and going through doorways. It doesn’t stick out that much, but it’s funny how it takes some time for you to get use to it and leave a little extra room so you don’t hit it.

I’ve never thought about that spot

I just put on my third Pod. The first one was on my lower abdomen, about even with my belly button. The second was on my upper abdomen, a couple of inches below my ribs. I think the insulin absorption was better with the first one, and I noticed that I felt it more when the second one got jostled…so I am thinking the lower abdomen is better, and my educator seems to agree.

I put the third one on my love handles. There’s more fat there, so I’m hoping the insulin will be absorbed better. I also did not feel it go in at all, so I am also hoping that I won’t feel it as much if it’s disturbed. For my next one, I’ll probably try an arm or maybe my back.

My lower stomach seems to work. So, far I really like it being on my back.

My six year old son has been using the Omnipod since September, 2007. We initially stuck with his belly and back. However, eventually we began using the tops of his legs and we recently added the back of his arm. It is hard because his little body is so small–it is hard to find places that it will work. Also, we were initially told that the pods should be placed on horizontally. However, after seeing Omnipod advertisements where the pods were vertical we knew that we could use it vertical on the backs of his arms. He really seems to like them on his arms and his belly the best. Just be sure to keep switching it up to avoid scar tissue.

I’m curious – was there a reason given as to why the pods should be oriented horizontally? I’ve done all three of them that way, but just because it seems more natural. However, it would seem that for inspecting the infusion site most easily, it would be better to have the viewing window facing up.

We were not given a reason as to why they should be horizontal. We have been using them vertical though on his arms, and there does not seem to be any variance in performance. I’m wondering whether that was accurate information. I have meant to follow up with Insulet on this issue, but it has slipped my mind until now. Having the option of using it vertically offers many more options for varying sites. His little body is just so small–but we can get at least 4 sites on each side of his belly button if we rotate it 1/4 turns with each change.

I can second the recommendation for the upper arm. I’m nearing the end of my third month on the OmniPod and the triceps area is by far my favorite.

Cherise - I love it on the back of my arm! The seat belt in the car doesn’t rub on it. I am right-handed so I prefer the back of my left arm. I also found out that I don’t leave as much space on my right for clearing things like walls and door frames. The first one that I put on my right arm got hit hard and the pod started to rip off the adhesive backing patch. I just taped it down and off I went. I tend to leave a lot more space to my left and haven’t knocked it on anything yet. Also, when you put it on your arm it must go vertically with the canula end pointing toward your elbow. I cannot put it on myself. My husband has to help me with it. I’m not that talented!

Hope this helps!

Thank you everyone. I did place the pod on my arm today…lol it’s about to fall off…lol Karen, I didn’t know to place it with the cannula down…lol i have it the other way.

I put the cannula both up or down and it doesn’t seem to matter. My trainer didn’t say anything about cannula direction.
What are you doing that has made it nearly fall off?! I’ve played racquetball and softball with mine on the arm and didn’t have any problems.

I think they recommend putting the pod horizontally on your belly because of the natural “folds” :slight_smile: that occur and if you have it vertically it may be more uncomfortable when you sit or bend over. The same goes for your arms, if you don’t have large upper arms putting the pod horizontally would be uncomfortable and won’t wrap around your arm. The pod was designed to work in any orientation so if its comfortable don’t worry about the suggested positions. You just need to make sure the cannula goes into the fat tissue not muscle.

I have the omni pod if i were you i would put it on your stomach

LOL I ran it into the doorway a few times…LOL my fault not the pods…I guess u could say I forgot it was on my arm on more than 1 occasion! I know that doesn’t make sense but its so comfortable it’s easy to do!!! Hahahaha!

I have found if the cannula is facing up I have less site irritation
I guess it does not have the weight of the pod pushing on it as the pod shifts around .

my endo told me to have it facing up so i can always see if the cannula is properly inserted

My endo said that I should always put it with the viewing window up. And I’ve noticed that it’s very reassuring to be able to see the canula going into - staying in - its place.

Why do people say “Polly Pod” ?
I can see that Google knows that, but as a 2-week OmniPod user, I’ve never heard that before.

lol I call it Polly Pod because that’s what my 2 year old named it…lol