Places to wear insulin pump while hiking/backpacking/exercising

I am an avid backpacker/hiker who just got on the pump in November. My progress has been slow but steady in the right direction with the pump, though the first month was a bit difficult. I’ve had diabetes for about 25 years and my new pump is a Minimed Paradigm.

At any rate, I’ve been searching up and down on the internet for some good advice on where to put the pump while doing activities, particularly the ones I enjoy. Obviously, for backpacking/hiking, I was pretty adjusted to using injections. Needless to say, the pump has added a few complications. This is especially so for backpacking since I’ll have a tight strap around my waste and chest for pack balance and support.

If anyone has any suggestions, input, or advice to offer, I’d be grateful. Thank you.

I would recommend a SPIbelt

Thank you greatly for the link. Is this what you use?

I would also recommend the SPIbelt. Our T1 daughter wears one when we engage in these kinds of activiities. I’m paranoid that the pump will fall off her when we are crossing streams and/or rockclimbing if it was just clipped to her pants. When climbing (wearing a harness) she shifts the SPIbelt to be over one shoulder and under her shirt.

Presumably, you are wearing the hip belt of your pack low, around your hips, and so the SPIbelt could be sitting up at your waist out of the way. I sometimes borrow my daughter’s when running to carry my phone and I find it very comfortable.

You may also want to check out the Aquapac site (, as the Minimed isn’t waterproof and getting caught in a downpour is bad news. I have not yet ordered the Spibelt, but have used other waist packs for mine - hiking, biking, riding roller coasters, etc. And in the summer (Texas) it’s hot and sweaty, and I have found that in addition to all the additional glue I use for the site to adhere (Skin-Tac, Mastisol), that compression shorts do a good job at helping to hold the infusion site in place especially when hiking/biking/swimming too.

Yes, I use this during exercise and just around the house if I don’t have pockets. I find it really comfortable and flexible. I like the DOUBLE pocket one because I can put glucose tabs or other necessities in the other pocket.

Use the code usweekly10 on their shop to get 15% off which is more than if you use Shop09 to get the free shipping if you go with first class USPS.

Appreciate all the excellent tips from everyone. I’m definitely leaning the way of a SPIbelt now, except I also am wondering about the possibilities of an armband too. Trying both probably wouldn’t hurt. Again, many thanks.

Okay - noticed Kristin beat me to the punch - SPIbelt is great. I wear it low on my hips - and don’t even know the pump is there when I’m hiking - it doesn’t ride up as well. I have two of them - use one for night time only - and for you know - romping around in the sheets - unless you are like some pumpers who disconnect during that type of a “workout” \^,^//

I have a Case Logic MP3 player sports armband that fits my pump perfectly. Just be sure to get one without any magnetic clasps.

I have an Amphipod belt I prefer for running as it’s a bit wider and I find it a bit less chafy than the Spibelt (which I also have…). The thing I like about the Amphipod is that it’s sort of modular, with different sized bags and pockets and bottle holders, all of which are useful for running but I’m not sure you’d additional space if you have a backpack too?

I have 3 waterbottle holders, one of which I discovered holds an UltraMini meter clipped into it, and 3 pockets 2x zipper for important things and 1x flap for easy access to jelly beans. I belay the pump tube under the flap on the flap pocket and clip the pump to the belt. It has velcro rather than the clip thing the Spibelt uses.