Carrying cases/pouches for pump

I have a new t:slim pump, my first time pumping. So far I'm just wearing it clipped to my belt or tucked in a pocket, but a slim-fitting fanny pack/belt seems like it could work well, keeping the pump from bouncing around while running or hiking and perhaps also just keeping it out of the way during regular daytime wear.

The SPIbelt ( looks promising, including a pass-through hole for tubing, which is a nice feature, especially since the tubing could run from the back of the pouch under the waistband of pants and be totally out of sight and also protected from catching on anything.

Any alternatives people like?

I have a tally gear tummy band which I haven't used yet. I will be using that probably for my pump and cgm when I get the pump. I have to adjust it because it's too tight for my taste. I like that look of the splbelt too and the hole. The tandem rep I spoke with told me that many people cut a small hole for the tubing in their pants pocket so they can keep the pump in their pocket. So far I carry the dex in my pockets or purse.

I carry both my T-Slim and my Dexcom in my Flip Belt.
All spandex, incredibly slim profile very comfortable and easily washable if need be. Fabric breathes well enough to not get stinky in general and keeps everything very snug and close your body so that it is not very visible even under t shirts.

I got mine on Amazon for $25 some months ago. It has served me well and I wear it 24 hours a day except for showers and laundry days.

I bought both the Tally gear and the spibelt, but ended up preferring to just clip it to my waistband or bra or tuck it in a pocket when I wear cargo pants. Easy.

I use the tallygear tummy belt and like it a lot. It keeps close to your body and can't move around. I put it either around my waist or lower down on my hips. Can be a little hot more than the following:

I also have a couple of tank tops with pockets for pumps. The secure pockets are either near the back or a little up under your arm. The one I ordered was about $40 but good elastic/ breather material. You can hardly see the pump unless you really look. I see there are several different companies now.

What I really like to do is change!

Everyone is different so I guess you'll just have to try and see what you like.

Nice. The Tallygear looks a little bulkier than I'd like, but I can see why it would work well for you.

Yeah, so far I'm just wearing it clipped to my belt or tucked into a pocket. I'm curious to try various other options, but it's definitely possible I'll mostly just do this basic one.

The FlipBelt looks promising, I have a SPIbelt enroute but if I don't love that I may try to the FlipBelt. The one thing that would concern me a bit is the lack of zippers, but used carefully the design seems likely to work great.

I like the pocket method, but mine are pretty full with wallet, cellphone on one side and glucose meter and glucose tabs on the other side. And while running the tube through a hole makes for a very discrete setup, it also seems a bit complicated when dropping trou to go to the bathroom, for example. But if I had more pocket room it's definitely something with which I'd experiment.

This is one area where the fact that women often carry purses is a big advantage, I haven't found a "murse" I'd be happy carrying around most of the time.

Nothing falls out of it. :)

If you do decide to try it out let me know your thoughts.
I only recommend it to other Diabetics since it has worked so well for me.

I use a simple cotton zipper pouch with a velcro belt, less than $30. They custom sew them in a variety of fabrics and colors at

I love my SpiBelt it's the best thing I've found so far. Even if you don't use the hole on the back for the tubing, the tubing comes out of the end of the zipper & tucks behind a waist band so it is unseen.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting mine delivered sometime this week.

LOL! Reading this and seeing that you are exactly where I was over a year ago.

I have the SPI belt but only use it for bed time.

I didn't see the point of wrecking my closet of $60 dress pants to run a tube to keep the CGMS. Just like you I have a smartphone and wallet in one pocket, CGMS and keys in the other. Going to the bathroom was a PITA.

I wear my insulin pump on my belt.

I have no solution for jogging.

I work in a corporate environment where professional dress is expected. Spandex will not be worn.

Is a murse a man's purse?? lol... maybe look for one online. Yes I was wondering about things like sleeping, showering and the bathroom etc. I guess maybe someone will post with a way around that. Another thing I do is I wear very informal loose clothes, even formal clothes can be loose too, and I often leave my t shirt or whatever over the outside of my pants so won't have your pump or whatever visible if you don't want to. For some reason I have not considered going to the bathroom and that is going to be a problem for me in particular with ibs or drinking lots of water when I need to go quickly. I think I will just keep it in a pocket maybe, tally gear has one of those also, and leave the tubing on the outside. I really don't like tight things around my waste or feeling weighed down with something I have to wear all the time, I never wear belts anymore. I will check out the flip belt though.