Please answer me quickly......a little nervous

Need a quick answer.....I'm just learning to inject Lantus....and tonight as the needle went in I moved and the needle I have a red line where the needle went, I am thinking, and it's burning like crazy. Please tell me this is no big deal, and I can go to bed. OR tell me it is a big deal...and I should call someone.

I wouldn’t think its a big deal… The needle was still sterile… Probably made the hole a little jagged by bending, might be sore, might bruise… I suspect you’ll survive it;)

This really sounds like no big deal. We stick ourselves to many times for so many reasons (injections, infusions, testing) things happen sometimes. It sounds to me that the bent needle scarped a bit and made a bit of a jagged and larger hole. So it's going to hurt like any scraped up or cut area would. Fortunately, needles are thin and don't go in too deep so you will heal q1uickly.

Lantus is known to burn

I think you're fine. Try not to worry.

No big deal. Happened to me once.

Thanks so much folks, I do appreciate your support. Had a nurse friend look at it this AM and she said it looked okay, but to make sure that when I put the needle in to sit up straight (or stand) and no bending or moving. Haven't looked to close, but don't think I have a black and blue escaped that part. Lantus is worth is for me, my numbers look so much better, and I have so much more energy.

** Question: What's an average unit amount if there is one? Do you store your insulin in the frig after using it? Mine says I don't have to, but I wonder if I should because my purse is in the car...and that gets pretty warm these days...winter will be easier. Thanks again.

There is no average unit amount, It can be very small with some type 1's and can be extremely high with some t2s. Or it can be anywhere in between.

You really don't want to leave your insulin in the car summer or winter. Insulin does not like temperature extremes. High temperatures can make it less effective or useless and freezing temperature can make it totally ineffective. Most modern insulins once opened require no refrigeration, a nice comfy room temperature will allow it to be effective for over a month.

No big deal, sounds like you scratched your skin just with a bent needle. A metal thorn so to speak.