Please help - just had operation and sugars are now high

Hi. I had an operation to remove 8 teeth on monday, and this included the entire bottom row of my left teeth. I was given General Anestitic for it.

I have bee feeling rough and I checked my sugars earlier and they were actually off the scale. They didn’t even register. I am in ketones. I haven’t thrown up yet though. I think there might be an infection because there was no other reason I can thinkof why they rose so fast.

The same thing happened to me when I had one pulled a few months ago. It was infected, and the experience was very stressful, both of which make my bg go up. hope you feel better soon

You should seek medical attention, quickly.

Especially in light of having oral surgery, you probably won’t be able to keep up with as much fluid intake as it would take to clear the ketones. If you get behind and become dehydrated, this will only worsen the ketosis. I would suggest either having someone take you to the emergency department or call EMS. You may need intravenous fluids and insulin to stabilize things. Post-surgery can be very difficult and the seriousness of this situation should not be underestimated.

I would go ahead and go to the hospital. I say this in experience. I had my tonsils out last summer and after the surgery I went home to my apt. by myself. I ended up getting an infection and because I was in so much pain I just kept taking my pain med and antibiotics thinking it would go away.

My brother came to check on me and found me passed out. I was brought to the hospital and was so far into DKA they said in a couple of hours I would have most likely died. I spent the next 2 weeks in ICU.

This all happened in about 3 days! You can never be too safe… I had to learn this the hard way.

I have a question about your surgery…did they put you completely out when you had your teeth removed? Also, did you have the surgery done in a hospital or an office? I’m a Type I and I need to have 4 impacted teeth removed. The dentist office seems to think that if my sugar is “under control,” then it’s fine, but I’m concerned that no one will be monitoring it. Also, they said I would be concious. Now I’m concerned about my sugar levels after reading quite a few people have had problems after surgery! I’m just a little concerned…and curious. Since you posted this in April, I thought maybe you could tell me more about what happene.d = ) Can you tell I hate the dentist?

Kim, see if the dentist will give you antibiotics to take before you get the procedure - I did for my recent implant to replace the tooth I lost.( in the last post) - they also gave me a rinse (prescription) for afterward

if you hate the dentist as much as I did (I love my new dentist), you’re going to be really stressed and if you’re like me, bg goes up. test a lot

get some soft foods in - cottage cheese, yogurt, soups, fish.


Are you telling me you did not TELL your DENTIST you were a diabetic before you had the proceedue?!?!?!?!

All kinds of possibilities as to what is causing the HIGH. Infection, any of the medications you were given potentially could be doing it. You body having had an operation, could produce the stress horemones to send you into orbit. Any of the above in combination could be messing with you.

Bottom line assume ketones, do whatever you can to lower it… and call the dentist/MD let them know you are in massive orbit. They’ll hopefully get you back in to check for infection… sick day protocols…


Thanks guys…I’ll be going for my consultation on Monday and I’ll see what they have to say. I’ll keep you posted. = )