How are your sugars when you're not well?

I’ve experienced some unexpected sugar levels when I’m physically sick. I’m curious if it’s common after surgery as I have been running high since my surgery yesterday morning. I’m doing my best with my insulin but am just curious about this blip if that’s what it is. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I like to keep close control and it’s frustrating even for 24 hours.

When I’m sick my sugars usually go up. It’s a natural reaction of your body to illness.

I have only had Type 2 Diabetes for a little over 4 years but it has been my experience when I’m not feeling well, cold, general aches and pains etc. my glucose levels run much higher. So far when I get back to normal so do my glucose readings. Hope this gives you some encouragement.

I hope that’s the case here. It makes me so antsy to have it doing it’s own thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just had surgery a little over a month ago and I was running real high for the first 3 days and then gradually came down in the days that followed… the hospital i was in, and it wasn’t the one that my endo is in, didn’t want to “correct” any sugar unless it was over 200. I finally had my endo call in orders, but it was a mess for awhile! My numbers do run up when I’m sick as well.

Having surgery shouldn’t raise your bs unless you have some type of infection. I’ve had minor surgeries through the years and unless infection was involved my bs never rose. You’d better call your dr.

Ive been sick off and on for the past month. My BG runs between 200 and 350 when I’m sick. Also hard to get my BG under 200 when I’m menstruating. It’s wicked tough and no matter WTF I do, nothing changes the stupid BG.

But, I agree with Betty that I don’t think your BG should be affected by surgery unless there’s an infection.
I honestly dont have much experience with surgery, but that’s my understanding of it.

Sometimes the drugs (steroids?) and IVs that are given around surgery cause highs as well. If you’re into 48 hours after surgery check your temp first. Then tell your Endo.

Go way up…usually 200-300mg/dl…and that is for outpt stuff…not certain what would happen if I got realllly sick.