Please help my wrists itch/pins/needles so bad

I have not been diagnosed with what Diabetes I have ! But I have this tingling burning kin and needles sensation in my wrist ! It’s unbearable ! I have been really staying away from sugar totally a couple days but it isn’t changing ! It’s so awful ! Can anyone help ? Advice ?

Sounds almost more like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other nerve damage not necessarily diabetes if this has just sprung on you. Are you diabetic and just not typed yet? Certainly need more information for even a guess here. Eating sugar in moderation is perfectly acceptable, even for a diabetic as long as it is counted in total carbohydrates consumed. The white stuff such as white bread, pasta, rice, pizza, non diet sodas, etc. is what really drives up your blood sugar and causes long term damage.

A few quick simple blood tests should give you near immediate results to determine if Diabetes is what is causing your issue. Most labs can give you a Blood Glucose reading within minutes and an A1C reading shortly thereafter. Those are the initial readings you need.

Yea I know it’s not carpal tunnel ! Had that checked out ! I was told by dr I was borderline be could put me on meds or I can stop eating sugar ! That was two years ago . I was diabetic with all three pregnancy! I get low sugar often where I have severe symptoms so I pretty sure it is some type of diabetes . Not sure what kind ! I have an appt but in the mean time I’m in pain ! And scared !

Since you have been at least pre-diabetic in the past and you are scared, you can get a quick initial read by doing a reading with a blood glucose meter. If you do not have one, you can buy one such as the Contour Next One meter value kit at Walmart or Walgreens for under $20. If you are diabetic, you will need a meter anyways and if you are not, this can give you peace of mind in the future. Make sure the meter you buy includes at least a few test strips. Walmarts contains test strips and Walgreens at same price appears not to contain strips.

Just do a quick finger stick and place on tip of strip once strip is inserted in the meter and you will have a result within 5 seconds.

If your meter reading is under 150, chances are you have another issue. If you are over 150, then your diabetes needs to come under control as soon as possible. Fortunately it does not take long to get diabetes under control.

A doctor that just tells you to stop eating sugar, is not giving you any help if you are diabetic.

I had carpel tunnel in both hands, likely caused by diabetes and many hours/day on computer. Pain was gradual, after having T1 diabetes for 40 years.
In early stages, frequent keyboard breaks and wearing wrist splints helped, particularly at night.

Since having surgery, doing well, but keep my wrist splints near bed, and occasionally need to use during sleep.

I also had done quite a bit of indoor wall painting prior to them getting worse. Are there gardening or other activities you recently increased use of gripping?

This link has more info.
Carpel tunnel

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Do I take this test anytime ? Or after I eat ?
I have used my moms when I felt hypoglycemic and it read then 63 . But I never tested like randomly or after I ate . Only when I felt the shakey, sweats an weak An it’s always been under 70 then .

No, do your test before you eat. Best time is early morning when you get up, before breakfast. Otherwise any time is OK where you have not had anything to eat for a few hours as your blood sugar will normally be the highest about 1 hour after meal. You want to know what your number is pre-meals which is why morning before breakfast will be the most reliable.

Make sure your test strips are reasonably recent. Even expired test strips are OK to use but not expired more than about 8 months. Additionally if you are using an old meter, make sure the test strips are properly calibrated with the meter. That was only required on older meters but if strip code does not match meter code, then test will be off.

Go to an endo and get a full panel of diabetes tests including a1c, glucose tolerance and antibodies. Get a meter and test yourself to see what is going on. The itching etc could be a combo fo different things, it is hard to say. I have autoimmune rashes and itching but they get worse with bg changes and also have tingling etc from injuries also worse with bg higher usually.

Thank you so much for the help !

Thank for that info now I know ! I’ll let ya know what it is !

You are so very welcome and we are always here to help the best we can. Feel free to ask away and I think you will always find someone on this board to give you ideas and suggestions you may want to try.
Hope you get your issue under control real soon.