Please Report TuDiabetes Website Issues

We really care about making this new website as perfect as possible. Please report issues that you have whether it be outright errors or just features you think just don’t work as you wish. The team may not end up catering to your utmost wish for disney based animations of each click you make on a link, but we do very much want your feedback.

This is of vital importance as we work through this roll out period as there will be many things that don’t work properly and we need to identify things and fix them.

So please, report away.

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I have been looking around for maybe an hour. Where the heck is chat?

If you click HOME, you’ll see it at the bottom. It’s not on the forum section.

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I have a 3 second lag in chat, and there are only 3 of us there.

FYI - a lot of people (including me) have been having trouble getting thru the password change and the login screens. First, the site had trouble recognizing my email address for my correct profile at first - finally worked now. Second, gmail, at least, sends the confirmation email and password change email to Spam – probably other email platforms as well. Third, I got an ERR=404 (page not found) error a couple times – had to try multiple times before I could get through, including resending the password confirmation email. Finally, once I reviewed the Profile and clicked on the ‘Home’ button, I got an ERR=503 error page - went “back” and tried again and it worked – that happened at least twice to me.

Was navigating around through discussions and, for an unknown reason, in the right corner the “Log-In” button appeared even though I was logged in. Went to ‘Home’ and it was back to 'Logout" as expected. So far, I can’t repeat the problem.

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On my ipad mini, on the home page, discussions and events fit fine, but ads on the top overflow the tablet to the right

I chose a topic to reply to dated April 13, only to get a warning that the post was 700 plus days old. Posts need to show the year a post was made (unless this year).

@Lloyd, yes, there is a 2 second lag that is made to assure that the server is not overwhelmed. The plan is to reduce/eliminate that lag when we know the server is ok.

You should see “Apr '13” which means April 2013. If it was actually 10 days ago it should read “Apr 13.”


@Thas1, thanks for the feedback on login. Your detail is really helpful. The login and member profiles across WP and Discourse are of particular concern. When problem occur if we can provide details about how to recreate the problem as Thas1 has done that really helpful

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Hello Brian,

is the absence of a visual hierarchical structure in the replies really indended? In the old discussions imported from the old site even the @user information is missing. The whole progression of the discussion is therefore gone. Even if the @user information is present - as in the new discussions - the structure of who is replying to whom and why is hard to grasp now. In my experience with the Discourse system there was always a visual identation for replies. Perhaps this is a configuration issue?

Since we are at the beginning: is it possible to reset the Unread counter to 0 for all users? My Unread counter is currently 511 and shows very old discussions.

@Holger_Schmeken, your observation is absolutely true. I don’t know if you remember back in the days of “newsgroups” but at that time discussion threads were hierarchical. These days discussions threads have moved to a linear approach. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. The old ning platform supported hierarchical threads. Discourse supports linear threads. It has three mechanisms to achieve the same sort of thing hierarchical threads provide

  1. You can “quote” using either the little quote button on the tabs or by selecting text in the discussion thread, highlighting it and selected “quote reply.” This lets you comment specifically on something someone else said.

  2. You can use “@member” to comment to a specific member

  3. You can reply as a “linked topic” which let’s you do essentially what the hierarchy does by creating a new thread that is linked without fragmenting the original thread.

I understand your concerns about how well the content migrated over, I know this was a topic of discussion by the team and I suspect it caused much study and concern. You are right, it may lead to some confusion and very long and fragmented threads may well not be understandable. But I also think large threads (like the big Afrezza thread) became so fragmented on ning that you could not follow the discussion. In the end, if you look at the vast majority of current discussion platforms they have all moved to this approach. I do appreciate the feedback but I don’t think there is much that can be done to change things, there is just some fundamental mistmatch.

To mark all discussions as read, visit your profile page, select notifications and select the button “Mark all as read”

Josh said in the chat that his most recent profile “Homer” was not messaged to reset his pw, but the profile he left some time ago “Philmore” was

Tony never received an email invitation. He also said he cannot log in or recover his password.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

@curlysarah It took a long, long, long, long time … well a lot longer than I expected it to at least … for the password reset confirmation emails to show up in my inbox. Maybe that was just a problem when the site first came up on the 21’st. Perhaps the response time is faster now.

But I’d suggest waiting at least 12 hours after you submit the reset request before submitting another. In my case I think some of them took as long as a day to show up. :open_mouth:


If you choose change your password, and click the link you are sent, you can get on without knowing your old password.

[quote=“Lloyd, post:17, topic:45802, full:true”]
If you choose change your password, and click the link you are sent, you can get on without knowing your old password.
[/quote] Yes, of course, @Lloyd. But at least in my case it took a lot longer than I expected before the password reset confirmation email showed up.

How long did it take for the password reset email to show up for you?

It came quickly, but the link did not work. When I clicked it I got a “file not found error”. I kept trying and eventually got a link that worked (on the third try).