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strange. search text box works here on firefox browser

I have the same thing on the home page, but when I go to a different page and click on the magnifying glass, a search box comes up.

While there is a search box on the home page it doesn’t function. If you visit the discussion forums you should find that the search box works. I think the capability to search on the home page is still under development.

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For @Emily. Can’t find my request about the site software (WP, discourse) and your response except in my email, but I want to thank you for your answer. It could not have been more perfect. Simple yet clear.

I, along with everyone else, hope that the site providers get all the glitches worked out soon. And I am sure that all the admins do too! In case I posted in a different thread, I asked for an explanation of the WP/discourse pairing issue. And Emily gave an answer that even I could understand! Thanks again.

When using a Mini IPad I am not able to enlarge the page once I am in a discussion. This is troublesome for people with eye issues. Will this change?
Thanks for any advice.

Nellje, @Emily_Coles responded to and answered your question where you asked the question which was in Emily 's “Website Update: second week” topic/discussion. I have linked to Emily’s answer below so people can follow the link to read her complete answer if they want to.

A note about the @ operator. You have to use the full username of the person you want to notify, not just their first name. Currently TuDiabetes has at least 6 usernames which begin with “Emily” — there is Emily Cole and five other people. The person you notified is an Emily who lived in Ottawa, Canada. She apparently joined Tu on Dec 20, 2007. Discourse does not think she has been active since her post on Dec 23, 2007.

Using the full, correct username should not be as hard as it might seem since Discourse should prompt you with a list of usernames which match what you have typed after the @. I have included a screenshot illustrating this below.


@Nellje, I’m glad my response was helpful!

HUGE thanks, @irrational_John for helping explain the intricacies of our new forum!

Ijohn, it did not prompt me for a different Emily. Had only ever seen Emily Coles on site so thought she was the only one!! Thanks. So I would need to do the at sign and emily_coles if I understand you.

Yes. If you don’t get prompted, try waiting for it. I think right now there are some processing delays and the prompt list may not be showing up as quickly as it should.

For me it is very difficult to deal with this TuDiabetes Website Issues as it is just too long. Is there any summary page - best as a table - where I can see which issues are mentioned already, are worked on or are solved? The last one would be a good information in case the issue comes up again despite the fact that it was considered solved.
I cannot use the LogIn button on the site TuDiabetes Forum. It leads me to a pure text page with 503 failure message or just keeps the page as it was. Very annoying as I cannot check for only new posts this way.
Thanks for your support.

You can use the search function to search this topic for issues that might have been reported before. Simply go to the search function, enter the term, like “503 error” and select search this topic.

Dear Forum admins Please check your settings for Profile Links **On login and using left Hamburger(categories)

My Profile is linking to
TuDiabetes Forum , gives error below.
[The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.]

THey are pointing to old website urls or incorrect new ones.
Instead of

All links on after(post/pre) login page
1.(Discourse icon) G facing upwards
2. (eyeball/(watching icon) and
3. (.categories icon) /// , = 3bar, hamburger


forum / t / “topic-name” / “topic-number” (####) , displays ok

At the moment TuDiabetes has around 14,256 usernames/accounts and only a handful of admins. Just checking “at random” is not going to be very effective.

Could you point to one or more usernames which have this problem? I spot checked a few and did not see anything wrong … maybe I missed it?

I’m not sure you are trying to say here. Could you edit your post and provide a little more explanation to clarify what you meant?

Are you saying that links to member profiles in forum posts are broken? As iJohn said, if we have an example we can ask the team to look into it. But we also have to realize there will always be a mismatch between the old style links and the new approach which is the “@user.”

Embedded images in msgs seem to be broken (at least on my table). As far as I can tell all messages area affected.

I want to announce my local diabetes support group meeting but I can’t find out how to add an event. How do I add an event?

It has been reported that Events have times in the event title but it is unclear whether these times are EST, PST or the local time. It turns out the title gives that PST. We should probably consistently mark title times as PST.

@Jen We just added some labels to the composer and other areas where they were missing. Those new labels are live here on the site, so have a look and let me know if we still missed something.

The composer “button, button, buttons” labels also include the keyboard shortcuts for them, so that should be handy.


loging in then it keeps loging me out and now I try to type in the chat and nothing shows up plz get it fixed soon

The buttons work perfectly now. Thank you so much for addressing this issue so quickly!!

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