Please support my son in voting for his film

We are asking for anyone on this forum to help us with voting for my 12 you son, Colin, in his movie making contest for the new Star Wars Deathtroopers book coming out. This national contest is for a 2-minute promotional trailer to be utilized for the rollout of this new exciting book by an international author. It is very simple to vote, no personal information, just clicking on a link, scrolling down to the voting section and selecting my son’s video if you feel he is worthy of your vote. Colin was diagnosed about 6 months ago with type 1 and has handled it with courage as I know all of you have. Very proud of him. His goal has always been to be a movie director and he has made many, many home movies including stop animation. Colin was selected as one of five finalists in this international contest and we really need as many votes as we can get. He is going against professional film-makers who had much better technology and resources as you will see by the other videos. The author personally e-mailed Colin to compliment him on his video and how he liked the premise and that it actually scared him. Anyway, we are looking for votes, pure and simple and would appreciate your vote on as many computers as you have access to and to spread the word if you could. This is what you would need to do: Copy and paste this link in to your browser: and scroll down to the voting area and select the choice “Callindude”. That is it, easy! We really appreciate the support of the community of those living with diabetes all over the world and wish you all well. Thanks for trying if you can as the voting ends October 12, 20009.