Pneumonia reaks havoc on blood sugars advice please

I am sick with pneumonia and my blood sugars are not at all happy about it. I am on antibiotics but my bood sugars are hanging out around 200 all the time. The weird thing is that it seems when I have bouts of coughing it will cause my Bg to rise 30 to 40 points. would love to hear advice on what to do.

Are you now on meds or insulin? Remember your previous discussions, but has anything changed regarding your treatment? Infection plays havoc with BG. Some antibiotics can also effect BG. Drinking a lot of water can help some, but this only won’t bring your numbers down enough. Without insulin (or meds), there really isn’t much you can do other than eating very few carbs to lessen the effect of illness on blood sugar.

Have you called your doctor? You can also Google the antibiotic you’re on to see if it’s one that raises BG.

I am being treated as a type 2 and am not on any meds. I am on on Amoxicillin and did research it and it does not cause elevated bg. I think the severe bouts of coughing is what the problem is. I have not called the endo because didn’t want to appear paranoid.

Your BG shouldn’t be around 200 consistently & this isn’t being paranoid. Please call your endo.

I know and I will put a call in to them.I will just be told it will get better as the infection gets better and that is where they will leave it. I am tempted to find a new doc.

would it be better for me to post my ? over in the thin type 2 forum? I know I don’t really belong over here. I feel like an odd duck. Thanks for your help!

How long have you been on amoxi?

Worth calling to find out. Any doctor who doesn’t take BG consistently over 200 as cause for concern, should be fired. Takes a while to get over pnuemonia.

Drink a lot of water & don’t eat a lot of carbs to see if that helps any because without meds or insulin there isn’t much to bring numbers down.

Sure, post to that group.