Pod Beeping

I have two things to share. I really hate how there is so much beeping: Bolus from PDM and Pod, temp basal from PDM and Pod, Warning, etc…
I really wish that all of these could be silenced, especially in school if I need a bolus or temp. basal, it beeps, which is really annoying.

I also had a pod fail last night during the priming, and it was the constant high-pitched sound… I had a feeling that it would continue forever, so right when I heard it, I threw the pod down on the ground,It kept making noise, so I took that time to get my aggression out on the pod, which was actually really fun (like many of you, I hate diabetes) and just basically destroyed it. This is also the only way to do it… but only wimps do the silly paper clip in the hole thing.
Just wanted to share this with you, Thanks!

Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep,

I don’t hear anything Daniel. I think it’s just you.

Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep, Beeeeeeep Beeeeeep,

This sounds like a job for the Pod-Killer.


lol. i’ve had one pod (in a month and a half of having the omnipod) do the beeping. when it happened, i bent a syringe trying to shut it off. so, we threw it into a freezer. we kept checking on it… but it was taking forever to die. but, a day later, it had stopped beeping. i had murdered my pod. lol. or so i thought. my mom takes it out of the freezer, throws it into the trash. about an hour later… it CAME BACK TO LIFE! i was like… “are you kidding me?!?”. but, we just put the bag in the garage… and threw it out with the trash the next day. i was like… “mom! you can’t do that! the garbage men are gonna hear that and think there’s a bomb in there!”. lol. next time, i’m totally gonna take a hammer to it.

oooh, and about the beeping. yeah, that’s not really a problem for me, yet. i’m homeschooled, so the beeping never bothers other people. there are times where i’m in classes with other students, and suddenly, i’ll beep. people look at me and are like… “deep you just beep?!?” lol. but, if i’m not mistaken… i’m pretty sure that on the next generation of omnipods, there’s going to be a vibrate mode. that’ll be nice.

the guys that i hang out around LOVE their beeping watches. i don’t get it. you know those stupid watches that beep like… every hour? i don’t get it. but… whenever i hear somebody’s watch beep… my first thought is… “omg! what’s wrong!??” and i start to search through my purse before i realize that it’s just somebody’s watch. ANNOYING! lol.

One time my Pod kept on beeping when it was priming too, and it wouldnt shut off. So, I threw it outside and smashed it with a hammer. haha.

It was like Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Crunch and then it stopped. :]

Oh, I also hate all those warning beeps too. It always seems to beep in geometry class whenever I’m taking a test. and everybody is like… “Does somebody hear a beeping noise?” or " Is somebody’s cell phone going off?" I dont know… it’s just really annoying :]

I had a pod give me the occlusion beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I deactivated, or so I thought, and put on a new pod. The one I took off just kept going! I called Insulet. The dude said put it in the freezer, so I did. At least I did not have to hear it anymore. When I took it out, the darn thig was frozen as all heck, and still beeping! I ended up puting it in my glove box to get it home! I was afraid to put in the trash while it was still going, thinking someone would call the bomb squad on me…LOL It took three days for that pod to 'die". RIP little fella!

What’s the paper clip trick?

I also tried the freezer trick. And like others have said, the stupid thing comes back to life a few hours as it thaws out!

I know it may not have seemed funny to you guys at the time -
this has to be one of the funniest threads I have ever read…
Someone should make a movie of this…
“Revenge of the Pods”
“Night of the Living Pods”
"The Pods that Ate Tokyo"
I love it!!!

OMG!!! The “Omni-pod G-d” got me…
Last night I was joking about what Daniel had written…
and don’t you just know - at 4 a.m. my Pod started screaming… "occlusion!!!oclussion!!!
First one in the six months I’ve been using the Pod.
I had to get up - change the pod - throw the screaming one in the freezer - of course it started screaming again when I took it out of the freezer at 6PM - so I took a screwdrive and punched a hole in the darn thing… now I really underestand Daniels frustrations…
I will never mock the Pod again!!!

I am so sorry that I made fun of you Daniel.

I am presently on the third day of a three day conference. On day one I must have walked by something that knocked my pod and pdm out of sync and had to reset my pdm and apply a new pod. Last night I was awaken all night by the “beep beep”. I checked my pdm to see if I was at my low resevior (sp?) warning, and my pdm doesn’t say anything. So I went back to sleep. BUT NOT FOR LONG. ALL NIGHT LONG I HEAR THE BEEP BEEEEEEEEEP, I CHECK MY PDM BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NO MESSAGE.

I finally got up at four and change my pod, I had 40+ units left. Then while I’m preparing a new pod I hear that damn beep again and it finally hits me that it’s pod number one that lost sync and is lying in the trash across the room.

So now the question is do I leave it there beeping for the maid to find after I check out? Will she think it’s a bomb?
What do I do? Luckily I had a swiss army knife in my bag with a screwdriver blade and I took it apart. I took great pleasure in destroying that pod.

I’m sorry for the previous post.

Do you ever watch “My Name is Earl”?

That Karma will get you ‘ef ye don’t watch out’!

So last friday I get home from work. I go down to the basement to watch some TV & chill. As I’m getting engrossed in my show, I hear this faint beeping. Sounds like a smoke dector Great. I go upstairs and the smoke detector is just fine, but I still hear the beeping. "Honey, do you hear that beeping ?’ Sure do… Go back down stairs…maybe its the sump pump alarm…no…feed back from the TV (turn it off) …nope. Oh my g-d it’s the alarm system, just what I need…nope…cabron monoxide detector…nada. Up to the third floor…got to be something up there…nope. In the mean time I get “It’s gone now” from the wife…No way I still hear it are you deaf ? Back to the basement. Time to start unpluging stuff…nothing. In the mean time the wife is on the phone to the alarm company, but according to them everything is fine. I live in a town house and my neighbor is hard of hearing…It’s HIS smoke alarm. Run outside ( mind you it’s about -20 with the wind chill) nothing. As long as I’m out I run around to the back of the house…nothing. Back inside. I’m clueless. Now the wife wants to call the local Fire Department. HOLD on a second ! I sit down in a kitchen chair to think this over. I assume the clasic “thinker” position…wait…wait…there it is…Turn on the barins to the POD & low and behold…POD Occlusion. Never had it before, so feeling stupid & laughing my a@* off I change the POD & beeping is gone…Gota love that thing

This is hysterical (only to us, I’m sure). I especially hate the “2 minute warning” when your temp basal or extended bolus is about to end…and then the actual warning when it does end. Did I need the 2 minutes pre-warning? Actually, I didn’t need either of them!

Ew, is there no way to turn off the beeping? I don’t use the Pod yet but am currently wearing a trial one…

Actually freezing seems to stop the squealing also until it thaws. I found an ice pick and hammer quite effective.