Tell Tale Pod

Got up this morning and heard a fant beeping. Went looking for it. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep Again I heard it. Not in the bed room. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep not in the bathroom with all the good little pods. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep. Not in the dining room or the living room. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep. Thunk OK morning paper is here. Opened the front door. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep. It is coming from a box stuck between my storm door and front door. Is it a bomb? No don't think they beep for 20 minutes before going off. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep. Label says it is from Insulet. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep Open it and it is a replacement pod for on that leaked insulin. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep How do you shut it off when it is still in the package and never filled. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep Get out the manual. Beep Beeeep Beep Beeeep TWAP Beee...... Five year old had the answer smash it with a hammer. Now do we throw it out or do we bury it under the floor to beep at us nevermore. OKay were is this reset port. It says that it is on top and I don't see it on the pod that I am wearing.


I had this problem once, where it would not stop beeping! I had to pull out the manuel and look. There is a tiny hole close to the window of the pod. It’s really tiny, and hard to see. But you stick a paper clip or something like that in there and wiggle it around until it stops. But of course the hammer is fun too =)

Yeah, I had one which I managed to tear off, replaced it, and in the process somehow didn’t get it “turned off”. Being on the road at the time it was in my car. Silly thing finally starts alarming and, like you, I couldn’t find the hole to deactivate it. After finally getting direction as to where I could find the hole, I got a paperclip and proceeded to try and scramble its electronic brain, which worked great for about 30 seconds and it started back up. Anyway, I wasted a good 15 minutes trying to poke it to death, got fed-up with that and thought I would try and crush it with the heel of my shoe. All I got for that effort was a sore foot. Pod is still alarming, I’m starting to become a little deranged, so I succumbed and stuck it in a fastfood trashcan; I can just see the poor person who had to change the trash trying to figure out what was going on with the crazy noise coming from the trash. Pods are darn near indestructible!

For quick destruction of a pod, all it takes is a pair of wide-mouth pliers or Channel-lock pliers and a good hard squeeze. The two plastic halves of the shell will separate and grant access to the innards of the thing.
I described how I do it (for recycling the batteries) in the “Tips and Tricks” discussion here a couple of months ago:

I think I read that you can put one in the freezer and freeze it’s little brain also.

After trying to scramble its’ brain after smashing it with a hammer. I impaled it on the spike of my fire axe. Hopefully it will beep at me nevermore. From the pits of dispair, I claw forth and spike thee priecing through its’ heart, soul, and entirety. May it beep nevermore.

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Oh gosh, that was the funniest post i’ve ever read! I guess because I can relate. They told me just 6 days ago to put my beeping pod in the freezer and it would quit after a couple of days. Um, NO. It’s STILL beeping. I just stuck it in the trash on trash day and off it went.
Anyway-thanks for the chuckle!