Pod Decorating

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of setting up a booth at an upcoming JDRF walk in NY where people could get creative with their pods. I’m thinking of some kind of pod painting party where I decorate the pod casing with something funky or cute. What do you think? Would you want your pod painted?

That is a very cute idea…not only for the kids!

I like it!

Just make sure you use facepaints or children’s paints or something! We don’t want people to have potentially toxic paints on their pods. But I often throw a sticker on mine when I feel the need to make it look better and I’m 26 so I imagine it’ll go over big with the kids!

I have a smiley-face sticker on my Pod right now, and I haven’t been a kid since the 1960s! I think that Pod painting would go over well (although I agree that you should use non-toxic paints like you might find in a school supply store), but do not overlook the sticker idea. As an adult, I would not want to sit and have my Pod painted, but I would purchase a fun sticker to put on it while I walked for JDRF.

I think pre-made stickers with clever sayings on them (which you could produce on a computer) also would go well. Maybe stickers with sayings like, “Pancreas: 2009 Version” or “Hi! I’m Pod. What’s your name?” or Insulet’s logo: “No strings attached” would work. I am sure that others on this forum could come up with much more clever sayings than I can at this moment.

Go for it. Your Pod-painting idea is excellent, and it would be a fun, unique way to raise research money for the Foundation.

I wear mine on my belly, so I might not pull up my shirt (and expose all that loveliness,) so you could paint, but that would be my only concern…I would love to have my pod decorated, for the walk day especially, and would take the time and be glad to pay or make a donation.

What a cute idea. I saw a tshirt that said my pancreas is retarded. I would love a little sticker that said that to wear on my pod when I have it on my arm.

A good friend says that my pancreas is a slacker. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Great ideas! How much would you pay for a sticker?

I live in the Midwest, so 50 to 75 cents usually buys a sticker, but since this would be a fund-raiser and since it is in New York, you could probably ask much more. You have to judge how much to charge by current local market prices, counting on the fact that people might be willing to pay a little more for a fundraiser. Heck, go a bit high. If you find that people are unwilling to pay the price, you can also have a “sale” and lower the price. Everyone loves a bargain!

I love the idea. I will actually be there with my pod on of course…So you have a customer already :slight_smile: