Covering pod on arm!

Hi I want to cover my pod when i wear it on my arm. Now that it is summer i will be wearing tshirts. i dont care if it shows most of the time but when i am at work, i am a server. People ask me what it is and it makes me sooo furious because it is so rude. I want to think of ideas to cover it up when showing on my arm...i thought of a bandana or a sweatband but i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas? and please dont tell me not to get mad when people ask and embrace it etc....

I wear my pod on my arm a lot & I've just learned to deal with people asking. I totally get what you are saying about rude people! I rant about it to my husband often. People will come up to my out of the blue & ask about it. Once I tell them what it is they typically say something even more rude like, "Oh, really? My [insert relative] has that, she died, lost a limb, her eyesight, a kidney, etc." I so badly want to say, "I knew a socially inept person once...they got hit by a bus. Be careful crossing the street!" But I haven't...yet :o)

I've thought about getting one of these just because I thought it was a neat idea.

Bands 4 Life Insulin Pump Arm Bands

Nike basketball arm sleeves work great. They hide it well. Check out my pics. You can get the half sleeve at a sporting good store. Stops the "jiggling" when you jog as well ;-)

thank you! for knowing what i mean! and i know exactly what u mean about them bring up random people and how they died etc! soooo rude!

ty! bought one

I hate that also. Leave me alone.

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