A Great Idea for oPod users! Maybe someone can capitalize on this!

Has anyone ever thought of creating oPod skins?

I am thinking a simple cute sticker or maybe a case that can snap on the outside of your omnipod. When you are ready to dispose of it you can snap it off and trash the oPod and snap it on to the next one. They have them for ipods, iphones, and many other gadgets. You can have your favorite celebrity on it, your favorite team, your favorite cartoon, etc.

I am sure this would be great even for kids, they would love to wear a pic of there favorite tv star or movie star. maybe their favorite cartoon character. Stickers would be fun but they would just wash off but an easy plastic snap on and off skin woujld be great!!!

What do you think?

Any body have any money, maybe we can make a small business out of it and give to finding a cure for diabetes as part of the proceeds…


I dont know about all that but, I decorate my own with sharpies… I have a HUGE selection, then I can put something on mine different all the time with less cost…

good luck


That’s a Good Idea, Do you open you Pods and decorate the full box or do you do one at a time. I actually think that would be a really cool thing for kids or anyone for that matter. Take a box of pods when you get them get a set of color Sharpie’s and color a set of 10 with images or whatever, that is a crafty thing to do. I wear mine on the back of my arms and they show when i wear tank tops or sleaveless shirts it would be nice if it didn’t look like hald an egg sticking out of your arm. :slight_smile: