Pod Failure...Ideal

Since we are all using the Omnipod and it’s still fresh. I thought maybe if you had a POD failure you could list the lot number in the forum as a preventive measure for us all. I know we should all be carrying extra pod’s or needles but if we check the lot number, it’s listed on the site; we can be extra careful when using the box. I don’t know about you but I don’t like knowing. What do you all think about this???

I had what may have been two pod failures with lot L11708. One of them involved an occlusion occurring about 4 hours after I installed a new pod, and the other involved an insulin leak in a pod I had attached to my arm.

I can’t say for sure that either of these was truly a pod failure – with the occlusion, I had rolled over in bed, causing the occlusion alarm to go off…when I removed the pod, there was blood in the cannula. With the insulin leak (which I detected via an insulin smell on my arm and a small pool of insulin on the adhesive pad when I removed the pod), I think the cannula may have come out of my arm, but when I mentioned it to Insulet, they said that it was possible the leak was in the pod itself.

In any case, they are replacing both pods free of charge, even though one or both incidents may not have really been a pod failure.

Thank you for the info…I haven’t had any failures yet…I will diff look at my lot numbers:)