Weirdest place you placed the pod?

Where is the weirdest place you've placed your pod and had successful insulin delivery? I saw a picture of a person putting on her/his calf on the main page and that inspired me....

I just placed one between my arm pit and shoulder blade where theres a little bit of fat.

so far insertion didn't hurt... waiting to see how my bg trends...

On the upper part of my butt…worked fine! NO pain…good place to put it…(but ptobably not in the summer, depending on whether you want o go to the beach) (use discretion)

Sarah, I’d been thinking about putting the pod there, too! (below the shoulder blade area)

Let us know how it works! I’m curious to see if it’s comfortable, stays out of the way, and provides good bgs for you.

I’ve hear a lot about that location being awesome. I haven’t tried it yet but I probably will once swimsuit season starts. so for right now Im trying “uncharted territories” that my doc hasnt suggested

its right between my arm pit and spine, more towards the armpit where theres still a little bit of fat (women usually have this area poking out of their shirts of their bra is too tight. to give you a visual)

so far its out of the way (I sleep on my stomach or side so I dont think that will be an issue), completely comfortable, doesnt move as much as compared to the back of my arm (I even flailed my arms around to test it).

I’ll let you know about bg issues in about an hour

Alright, good news.

I changed my pod because I was having a high issue, which happens when theres like 2-3 units left…

1 hour after 156 (from 279)
half an hour after that 129

FREAKING SWEET! I recommend this spot. No irritation, cant feel it unless I reach really far forward in front of me but even then its just the adhesive giving a brief “hello” not the actual cannula.

now bg is 122… so trending well!!

On my calf. I’m the one in the picture lol. I honestly didn’t feel it at all, except when it was inserted of course. But it didn’t feel any different than any other insertion spot. And I have like no fat on my calves, they’re all muscle. I could even lay down with the pod pressed between the mattress and leg and I didn’t even notice it.

Here is where I stuck it :slight_smile:
6533-2010040920.34.07.jpg (298 KB)

I’ve used the ‘love handle’ area and the front of my arm and had pretty good bg either place. My favorite spot is upper arm though…except when I forgot it was there as I hurried through a doorway in my house. Oops !! Time for a pod change :slight_smile:

Were you able to do this by yourself or did someone have to assist you?

I tried your spot, and love it!! It was a little difficult getting it on, but it’s worked really well!! I sleep on my side and it’s out of the way there. Thanks for the idea!

I did it myself :slight_smile:

I have really long arms, so it wasnt hard getting it on, it was challenging getting it off though lol

I agree, totally great spot! It’s the most unobtrusive place I’ve tried – especially doesn’t get hung up on doorways. Had to go through some contortions to get it on there, but worth it.

If my bg is stable, I’m all about trying it anywhere on my body that isn’t sensitive (like rib cage area) or really thin (like the hip bones).

If I could potentially pinch an inch, its going there at least once.

Okay… today I’ve officially put it on the oddest place yet. I’m ready to start experimenting. So far, I’ve put it on my arms, thighs, stomach, sides, and lower hip/back area. today, i put it much higher on my back (on my rib cage). i have a lot of meat to spare (lol)… so i thought I’d try another fleshy area on my back. It’s below my bra. not visible from the front. but pretty close to the side. i’m excited to see how this one works! i’ll probably update on this one…

take pictures if you can so we can see the actual location… that is if it works out!

Has anyone tried the lower arm - like the underside of the forearm close to the elbow but still in the fleshy part of the arm (I’m overweight so I have ‘extra’ there) ??

Just looking for different places because I have so many bruises from the pod and Symlin injections before each meal. I did try the leg area between the knee and the hip, sort of toward the upper part of the leg which for me I’m able to pinch an inch.

I havent tried it yet. I say go for it and report back!