Pod Sites on Legs

Question for everyone: I've wanted to start trying wearing the Pod on my legs. The issues is I have muscular legs with little fat. Where on the legs would be best? I know that when insulin has been given in my muscle (when I was doing MDI) the absorption was faster.

My daughter (age 10) loves having her pod on her legs, and she certainly doesn't have any fat to spare. Because the cannula on the pod is so short, we haven't had problems with fast insulin absorption like we did on MDI.

I've talked to people who have put them on their calf but I'm not so sure about doing that because my calves tend to cramp so badly.

Does your daughter use her thighs only or her calves too?

On the outside of her upper thigh. I can't think it would be comfortable on the calf.

No I wouldn't think so either but I belong to a group on Facebook and someone said that they don't mind it there with the exception that his kids try use it as a step.

A friend of mine tried omnipod on her calf and worked good (link in italian but with photos), she only had to lower her basal by 20-30% if she was walking more than usual.
She is a normal weight, 160cm high girl.